TSM Episode 475: CheaterRoos

The guilty are laughing in the face of justice! MORE PUNISHMENT!
They don’t look the least bit remorseful!

Download Link: Released 2018.04.02

When the Australian Cricket team and their countrymen are unmasked as a group of plotting, underhanded cheaters, SiliconNooB is suspended from The Day Tonight staff and sent on walkabout to perform didgeridoo-related community service in the outback.


  1. @Imitanis: We’re not playing through Suikoden II !

  2. This is a mandatory. Comment on the podcast. If those are ewhat cricket uniforms Lok like they are missing all the company logos, how do they make advertising money?

  3. @Durga: Qantas is the sponsor. Cricket whites only have one logo on for whichever company is the main sponsor. This is different than before the modern era of the game: pre 1980s, cricket whites were just that–whites! A pair of white trousers and a white button-down shirt (short or long-sleeved). And a cable-sweaer vest for cold weather!

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