TSM Episode 468: Backwards Positivity

From zero to hero in the space of a single sequel. SiliconNooB went from hating her to loving her, and YOU CAN TOO!

Download Link: Released 2018.02.12

Caspius discusses with SiliconNooB the concept of ‘backwards positivity’, an improvement upon the initially negative reaction towards a game, which improvement comes about as the result of a later positive experience in a similar game, usually a sequel.


  1. I have an example of “backwards positivity”. When I first played Demons’ Souls I thought it was garbage and quit after about 5 hours of play time. Two years later some guys on a podcast spent 2 hours raving about how Dark Souls was great, so I gave the series another try. After loving Dark Souls, I went back to replay Demons’ Souls, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. @RK: That’s a great one! I liked Demon’s Souls a lot more after having played Bloodborne (though not enough to stick with the franchise; sorry, FromSoftware!), so maybe that counts, too?

  3. I had the same exact experience with not liking FFXIII and enjoying XIII-2 enough to go back and play through XIII. I also had an experience close to backwards positivity with Etrian Odyssey. I played a bit of the first game and thought it was just okay at best but after playing EO3 I went back and enjoyed it a lot more.

  4. @LC11: I’d never even considered the EO series, but I can totally see that. And if SN has played them, I bet he’ll say the same thing.

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