TSM Episode 466: Destined to Fail

In the wrong quantities. Baked at the wrong temperature. For the wrong length of time.
All of the ingredients for greatness were there.

Download Link: Released 2018.01.29

Destiny 2 may have failed, but TSM returns to award-winning form with an veritable avalanche of dismal news from around the gaming industry, all delivered with the cynical rancor listeners have come to expect after eight years of hebphrenic podcasts.


  1. I’m impressed with the way Epic are handling the closure of Paragon. I feel part of the reason they are closing it is because of the success of Fortnite, better to have the resources where they’re going to make the most money.

  2. Destiny is trying so hard to get people to look at it now. “We can change guys, honest!”

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