TSM Episode 455: Xbonex

Sequel to the wildly unpopular Xboné.
The Xbonex

Download Link: Released 2017.11.13

The advent of the Xbonex sees all extant Xboné owners relegated to second-class status. Undeterred, Caspius, SiliconNooB, Imitanis, and Durga take up the cause of the oppressed and inveigh against unethical and exploitative business practises.


  1. A big reason why I want a PS4 eventually is not so much the games, because there’s not a lot that I really want there, but to give my poor PS3 a break. That system has been turned on almost every day for the past 6 years, some of it for gaming, but mostly for streaming. It’s really amazing how well it’s held up, and how well every part of its interface is set up.

    As for Switch, Caspius is not being hyperbolic, its store is horrible and its UI is half-baked. It all screams “you’re not going to use this much.” But, I’m loving Mario and Splatoon 1.5.

    As for what happens to 3DS, I would rather Nintendo fix their business with Switch than even think about another handheld now. I can’t think of an idea that wouldn’t seem redundant next to Switch right now, maybe they could have an alternate design of that system more specific to handheld.

  2. I’ll double down on Caspius’s bet and say not only will Metroid Prime 4 be the last game, but the physical Switch release will be in very small quantities and will be a nightmare to find just like GameCube Twilight Princess.

  3. I doubt Metroid Prime 4 will come out in 2018, but neither do I think it’ll come out in like 2022. I wonder if it’ll be more open-world like Breath Of The Wild, or in some different direction than what we’d expect from a Metroid game.

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