News: The Poncho Is Goncho

SJWs seem to hate the Japanese almost as much as they hate whites.
Nintendo could replace the offending sombrero with a Boo Suit!

Nintendo Is Building the Beaner Wall

When Mexico sends their power-ups, they are not sending their best! Mexican headwear is offensive, and it has to go back! Nintendo is building a safe space, and Mexico is going to pay for it!

In the most recent Super Mario Odyssey trailer Nintendo showed off the game’s packaging, which prominently features Mario wearing a poncho and sombrero. Naturally this lead to much kvetching, because wearing foreign garb is cultural appropriation, and that is the very worst thing ever! Never mind that Super Mario Odyssey is very overt about its cosmopolitan real world themes, and never mind the fact that Japanese entertainment has been repurposing foreign cultural trappings since post war occupation.

Apparently it is cultural appropriation when the Japanese depict Mexican culture, but not cultural appropriation when the Japanese depict White culture. This is similar to the way that it is fine when Resident Evil has the player shooting White zombies in America, yet it suddenly becomes racist when the player is shooting African zombies in Africa! At any rate, the shrill accusations of racism proved too much for Nintendo, who cucked and removed the sombrero power-up from the game’s packaging.

It is currently unknown whether Mario’s Mexican power-up has just been removed from the packaging, or whether Nintendo of America plan on removing it from Western versions of the game entirely. Reggie had this to say:

Making political statements are for other people to do. We want people to smile and have fun when they play our games.

Hey, dickhead. Removing the sombrero is a political statement!

The art is stunning as per usual.
Atlus is really keeping up the pace!

Atlus Doubles Down On Persona

Last week reported on the fact that shipments of Persona 5 had managed to accumulate their way to 1.8 million copies that have found their way to retail. This rise has been nothing short of stratospheric given that the initial release of Persona 3 sold 660,000 copies, and the initial release of Persona 4 sold 820,000 copies. The Playstation Vita re-release of Persona 4 went on to sell 1.16 million copies, but even that is a far cry from the 1.8 million copies that Persona 5 has managed to shift. One speculated that the reason for this steep rise in Persona‘s fortunes was because of the way that all of the Persona re-releases and spin-offs act as promotion, which has served to raise awareness of the Persona series beyond that of the Shin Megami Tensei niche audience.

It would seem that Atlus and Sega agree with the above speculation, as this week the companies revealed a swathe of new Persona projects. Most relevant to our interests here is Persona Q2. Persona Q was a 3DS JRPG which took the setting and characters of Persona 3 and Persona 4 and then mashed them together with the dungeon crawling of Etrian Odyssey. Persona Q2 is expected to be much the same, only this time around they will be adding the cast of Persona 5 to the mix.

Next up was the dual announcements of Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night, both of which will launch on on the PS4 and PS Vita platforms. These titles are both rhythm games, and are obviously intended as follow-ups to 2015’s Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Finally there was also the very welcome announcement that A-1 Pictures will be adapting Persona 5 into an anime to air in 2018. A-1 has also handled the Persona 3 movies, the Persona 4 Golden series, and a special episode 0 of Persona 5 – so to say they have experience with series adaptations is an understatement.

This is all great news, and while this is exciting in its own right, one really hopes that these products are being used as a stop gap while they work on developing either a special edition of persona 5 or even a new proper entry in the series before the end of the current console cycle. The Persona 5 team is currently working on an unrelated fantasy RPG, but there are plenty of teams within Atlus who would be capable of developing a full Persona title, not least of which is the team that developed Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

This has the potential to be one of the biggest games in the series.
It’s blue skies for Dragon Quest!

Dragon Quest XI Dazzles At Launch

As Final Fantasy disappears ever further up its own arse people have been looking for alternative JRPG franchises to entertain them, and this is especially the case with the Japanese people who have yet to even purchase a million copies of Final Fantasy XV. As we can see in the above story this has worked out perfectly for the Persona series, and while Dragon Quest was always more popular in Japan than Final Fantasy, it nevertheless looks like Final Fantasy‘s dramatic fall from grace has not done anything to hurt Dragon Quest‘s bottom line.

In just two days Dragon Quest XI has managed to sell over 2 million copies in Japan. The 3DS version sold 1,130,468 copies, while the PS4 version managed to sell 950,338, so all up the game has sold roughly 2,080,000 in two days – and the Switch version has not even released yet! Moreover Square Enix has today announced at Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 that Dragon Quest XI has actually sold over 3 million copies including digital downloads. This already puts it ahead of the LTD sales of some games in the series, while leaving it well placed to nip at the heels of some of the more popular entries in the series. This will be especially the case if the game experiences strong Western sales when it sees an English release in 2018.

Cross your fingers that they get a Western release!
Square Enix clearly listens to the podcast!

[UPDATE]: It has been revealed that Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III will be coming to both the PS4 and 3DS this month in Japan. Square Enix really do listen to our podcast, because Caspius spoke extensively this week about the sore lack of these particular three titles. That said, we do not know yet whether these titles are going to receive a Western release. With any luck they will though, which will mark the point at which all conventional entries in the mainline series are finally available on console hardware [we will never get Dragon Quest X, but there is really no way around that].


  1. Good news this week! The Nintendo thing is utterly ridiculous, as usual. I wonder if they gave Mario a non-gender binary costume, would SJWs praise that as giving voice to a marginalized minority, or denigrate it like “you can’t just put on a costume and change your sexuality,” you know, something totally unrelated to a video game. Why do they focus so much on entertainment over real social and political situations? Just to keep the issues abstract enough that they can have an argument without having to take real people’s lives into account? Just to remain stridently negative, where trying to have positive impact would threaten the status of marginalization and thus their raison d’être? They remind me so much of the Foucault strain of literary criticism in their arguments, which is so unhelpful.

    I have full faith that Persona Q2 is going to be brilliant like the first, but don’t expect Persona 6 until the next decade. I’m also excited about Dragon Quest XI, and have been wishing for the original NES games on 3DS virtual console since the system came out, and so hope that happens for gaijins too.

  2. Just to keep the issues abstract enough that they can have an argument without having to take real people’s lives into account?

    DQ XI is my dream. I need it to come to me nowwww.
    But the DQ 1-2-3 news is FANTASTIC and just what I wanted most to hear from SE.

  3. I just don’t know which version of DQXI to play… The PS4 version has some gorgeous 3D graphics, yet the 3DS version has some really pretty 2D graphics, and 2D RPGs don’t tend to waste your time to the extent that 3D RPGs do.

  4. @SN: Why?
    Play the PS4 version when you are in front of the TV.
    Play the 3DS version when you are not!


  6. You’re still waiting for Square Enix and Nintendo to get together and do something that makes a lot of sense and would totally be great for us?

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