TSM Episode 436: Tunnelcast

This represents a significant improvement in working conditions at Caspius.com!
The site for this week’s podcast recording.

Download Link: Released 2017.07.03

Caspius provdes Sebahamut with a new office in the sewer catacombs beneath the Headquarters building where, amidst the damp and reek, historical artefacts from the early years of gaming are kept alongside the dwelling of the site’s resident Australian.


  1. Well I guess I should have known it wouldn’t be long before Sega would screw up Valkyria Chronicles as well.

  2. Ich bin mit mein Literaturplatz sehr freuen. Auch, das Wii ist die bestes Spielkonsole für die Zwecke welche Sie haben beschreiben. Die ganze Spiele in einem! And I’m very happy to hear LFoPD is back on track. I was actually thinking about that recently.

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