TSM Episode 414: Mutton

Safely, that is, until they are sent off to slaughter so that the table of mankind may be well victualed
Where sheep may safely graze, indeed.

Download: Released 2017.01.30

With Caspius distracted by Dragon Quest VIII and a plate full of blueberry pancakes, Adeki, Imitanis, and SiliconNooB break into the company larder and make off with the Presidential Mutton Supply, resultling in a building-wide lockdown and mutton-hunt.

* * *

And, without further delay in delivering upon a promise from last summer, Caspius presents in this podcast’s Sebastian Literary Sanctuary…

A POEM on the topic of SUNDRY GAMES
played during LATE SUMMER
in the 16th year of the 21st century.

Afflicted with troubling predilection
For less than agreeable game selection
Our readers wend a weary way
An ancient gaming house of correction
Traversed without the least protection.
Misery manifest, you might well say.


For those whose voices intersperse
With ours, we have penned this light verse
Intended to instill education
That we might take time to rehearse
Our experiences (sundry and diverse)
Without further procrastination.


With Mega Man X we will commence
For being first, it makes most sense,
The best of the bunch, bar none
We assert that the story presents
Less worth than the gameplay, and hence
Do not read, but run and gun.


We thrust, towards the Northern Star
Whose fix’d and resting quality was no bar
To misuse in this dimming dirge
Is as much to say, as we are
Forbear to play, and flee by car,
This Fisting, Star-curs’d scourge.


A one is left but Contra the third
Resolutely, all know, an ill-form’d turd
Barely a functional game
The Nintendo Switch, ’tis quite absurd,
Improves when turned off, so I’ve heard,
And Contra just the same.



  1. I really enjoyed the banter this week! Was laughing way too hard more than once~
    Also really enjoyed the Dragon Quest discussion, thanks gang!

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