TSM Episode 407: On the Eve of St. Heimlichmass

St. Heimlichmass is generally celebrated by not chewing one's food whilst eating. Followed by death.
Let the St. Heimlichmass celebrations commence!

Download: Released 2016.12.19

With the death of Henry Heimlich, inventor of the life-saving manoeuvre after which–in a bizarre temporal inversion–he was named, Caspius, SiliconNooB, Adeki, and Sebastian report on the ways in which Nintendo, Square Enix, and Ubisoft have all choked.


  1. It’s fitting that Heimlich died during the Great Reaping of 2016. Without his maneuver (that’s how it is spelled in Trump’s America, you know) we might not be able to survive the wave of bullshit that will surely be crammed straight down our gullets in 2017.

  2. Great show! I freaking love having Adeki and Sebastian on the podcast. They add a lot and really match the Caspius.com personality.

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