TSM Episode 338: Agitating Adeki

When Adeki gets agitated, look out Poland!
Adeki is agitated.

Download: Produced 2015.08.23

When Caspius, SiliconNooB, Imitanis, and Mel learn that their actions as podcast panelists are agitating the notable internet personality, Adeki, Mel resigns in protest and the remaining staff members devote themselves to vengeful personal attacks.


  1. Hate to see ya go Mel. You’ve been my favorite writer for the site in my history of reading it, and certainly my favorite rotating chair member of the podcast. Stop back in from time to time man.

    Re: FFXIV > I feel like the MMO is something I’ve looked at from afar with curiosity for over a decade. From the outside, it looks like a thriving, living world you can vanish into.
    I did play a free trial on the PS3 a couple of years ago, and the two aspects I loved were the customization of avatar, and the landscapes. I found the combat duller than hell. I had been playing Dark Souls for the year prior and that’s still my standard for addictive combat, and I in fact when right back to it without even completing my 30 day trial.
    I’m not going to say the appeal isn’t still there. For now I’ve opted out of leaping into it due in part to this discussion, and also due in part to my irl friend directly stating that he could not refute everything you claimed (I passed the tweets along). Monthly fees are also just a deal breaker. Broke as I am, I just can’t see paying 15 bucks a month for a game I’ll treat as a dress up walking sim.

    Re: Konami: I took the dang survey just in hopes of seeing Suikoden return from the grave, but the smartphone resurrection is the most likely. Castlevania at least, the REAL ‘vania, lives on with another name. Not so worried about its future.

    The comment about British commercials was another ‘laughed and choked on coffee’ moment, and I am now convinced that this show is actively trying to kill me.

  2. I find combat in most MMOs to be quite tiresome now. Even in more action-orientated offerings get quite samey. I usually look for something that I can enjoy, like crafting. Star Wars Galaxies was the pinnacle for me, and the only other game that has a system I’ve enjoyed is Wildstar When that goes free-to-play I may mess about in it when I get some spare time.

  3. I hate to see Mel go too. Your articles were always very thoughtful. Sorry I rarely commented. Also I appreciated that you were Pikmin 3 defense force.

  4. @Kisaki: What are you talking about? Plenty of us have played Pikmin 3 when it was originally released on the Gamecube. It’s a fine game!

    @Bup: Maybe next week, when you’re a panelist.

    @Imitanis: I am worn out playing with endless grinds/economy sims that go nowhere. Gain levels to gain levels to gain levels; get gear to get gear to get gear; craft items to make money to craft items to make money. If the game doesn’t have a definitive end, I’m done playing it. My time is too limited and valuable to spend on Sisyphean tasks devised by greedy but creatively-impaired game devs.

    @Wolfe: What I just said to Imitanis. I’ll often think back on things I did in XI, WoW, XIV, etc, and briefly want to play it again–or I’ll hear about some new feature and want to try it out. But then I’ll remind myself that I could be playing an actual game–something with a point–something that isn’t just a time-sink.

    Because that is what MMOs ultimately are: they are time sinks (and often money sinks). They are a series of chores that are completed so that the player can then do another series of chores. And so on. Forever. Until, one day, they turn it off or the player gets fed up. And then for what was all that time spent? Nothing. Nothing at all.

    I’m not claiming that beating some other game is a huge moral accomplishment, or creative production. But it is the difference between paying a fee for the privilege of sweeping a floor whilst talking on the phone, every day, for years; OR, reading a good book, and then another good book, and then another good book, and then another.

    One of those two tasks is significantly more beneficial to the subject in terms of breadth of experience, personal growth, and the development of unique skills and perspectives.

    Once I realised that, I was done. It took years and several MMOs, but now I’m bound and determined to tell everyone else and save other people from years of missed gaming experiences. There are so many excellent games that I never played or finished because of MMOs, and I deeply regret all of the time I put into them–like dumping money into a well, only worse. Because, you see, they print more money every day. I can earn more money. But the lost time is gone forever.

  5. I appreciate the insight. I tried my hand at several responses, but none of them properly conveyed my thoughts, so I’m gonna chalk it up useless banter on my part.

  6. @Lusi: But it’s entertaining banter, and contrary to your claims, fairly useful in instances.

  7. Regarding the Splatoon amiibo situation… I’m a big fan of that game, and I needed more single player challenges so I had to buy a couple overpriced (but not hugely) amiibo off eBay to do so. Now, I’m split as to if that’s admissable or not. Certainly, the game could have used that content as part of the $60. But, as they give tons of money and good enough gear as rewards, it also makes sense as a sort of DLC. It’s not necessarily the kind of rewards everyone should have, and it’s nice to have them as opposed to having the content available but with no rewards for completing the challenge stages. I think the ideal situation, what would be fair enough, would just to have enough available for everyone to buy at a store for the MSRP. I would also pay a good $15 or more for another single-player campaign DLC too…

  8. Tip of the hat to Mel.

    Fantastic gentleman of site excellence & a majestic sir of podcastery.
    No Monday is complete without TSM, you will be missed – best of luck in travels, big kiss <3

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