TSM Episode 322: Flexivim


Download: Produced 2015.05.03

In this week’s zoooooooooo, Bek, SiliconNooB, not Mel, Imitanis, Java, not Ethos, half-a-Bup, Ginia and Biggs(!?) join Caspius to drink Flexivim and watch the Cricket old-timey style (jUicE!). Fa la la la la la la la la! Falafel (please use as directed)!


  1. A good listen. This particular assembling worked well together. Bek, you’re a good addition to the line up and fit right in.

  2. Info Blast Returns! But Not Like Superman.

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob
    Also featuring:Bup

    Upcoming Feature
    FFV Playthrough

    Games Sale

    FF XV improvements
    It’s nice to see a game change from feedback. You don’t see that happen very often, at least not as publicly as this.

    Flexivim is dangerous! Use with care!

    Paid Mods on Steam, Actually Not
    This whole thing was dumb and I’m glad they decided to remove it. It’s also nice to steam some honesty from Valve :”We made a mistake”. Not something like, “sorry that you can’t handle our awesome feature” like you’d see from certain other dev shops.

    Begger Beth Skyrim
    This is pretty hilarious

    Hololens Minecraft?
    While I still think that VR is really far from being usable, I do think that this solves the main complaint that I’ve always hear Lusi use when discussing Oculus and the like: Your vision is blocked.

    Ouya for sale
    Once again proving that Kickstarter is not a business model.

    Konami de-listed from NYSE
    This really looks like an intentional nose dive.

    PS4 Type 0 obliterates XBone version
    In other news, water is wet and The Pope is Catholic.

    GTA PC patch bans mods
    I bet that they didn’t want to make it work this way. Software development is often a choice between two awful alternatives as dictated by technical and managerial limitations.

    Valve-Anti-Cheat System Open to Developers

    Bup Talk
    Meh. Not a fan. Most of those clips weren’t even Bup.

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    John Masefield
    I couldn’t find a single reference to this poem’s existence online, so that’s a link to an author bio.

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    More Mice & Mystics this week. Where we *spoilers* beat up the kitchen cat to get him to take us somewhere on his back *spoilers*
    I’m also still playing Code Name S.T.E.A.M. which I’m still enjoying despite the rather sharp difficulty curve.

    DiceAdmiral Travel Moment
    I intended to travel 4 hours round trip for BBQ (different place than before) but it ended up taking 5 1/2 due to traffic. The food wasn’t as good here but the view was absolutely amazing.

    Final Notes
    Bek is a good addition.

    Final Quotes
    None This Week.

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Imitanis

    Donators eligible for end of year drawing: 5 Still 5? Did you hire a donator?

  3. @DiceAdmiral: I’m jealous of your Mice and Mystics time. I brought it up to my board game group multiple times, and they seemed uninterested, so I never purchased it. Looks fantastic, though.

  4. And about that Konami stock market delisting – it was put in motion last November, so this is something they’ve been planning to do since even before then. Konami is saving itself millions by not listing themselves there, but it does still mark the occasion where Konami officially said bye-bye to Western business concerns.

    However, they’re still terribly managed even if what they’re doing isn’t exactly corporate suicide. Last E3 they reserved a booth area the size of EA’s, but had nothing to show for it except MGSV. So they had a massive red carpeted square area with a small closed presentation room plopped in the middle where they showed invited press a screening of MGSV. And in the past they’ve regularly neglected to give any indication of game releases to any press outlets, sometimes only announcing games after they’ve arrived at stores in miniscule quantities.

  5. @DiceAdmiral:

    “Meh. Not a fan. Most of those clips weren’t even Bup.”

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