TSM Episode 317: Sabin Must Be Destroyed

To battle!
The CaspiusCom Armed Forces have mustered and even now are successful in their assault upon Figaro Castle.

Download: Produced 2015.03.29

Caspius, SiliconNooB, Mel, and Java incorrectly predict the outcome of the Cricket World Cup, then move on to a discussion of how to make a satisfactory batch of cranberry orange muffins, complete with Zestria–and, furthermore, Sabin must be destroyed.


  1. Note: Donation entries for the book raffle will end on Saturday, 5 April, at 12:00 US EDT.

    Also, SiliconNooB and I got it wrong–Australia beat New Zealand by 7 wickets without too much trouble.

  2. Thanks again for Tales of Hearts R. I haven’t put much time into it because I’ve been playing Toukiden Age of Demons.

    I hope to one day understand all the cricket talk that goes on between Luispurr and SiliconNooB.

  3. @Micheal: Thank you for supporting Caspius.com! We hope you enjoy Tales of Hearts R.

    You should look into Cricket. Your country’s team is better than England’s!

  4. Don’t worry, Micheal, no one else understands it either. Everyone’s just being a polite about it.

  5. Great show – as always.

    Very much looking forward to reading Mel’s Bloodborne review – I wonder if, seeing the end of 2015, it might see some added content. No doubt such a thing would be welcome, and sale worthy.

  6. Given its monetary success, I think we can depend upon forthcoming DLC.

  7. While it always pains me to miss a week in what I’d like to consider a consistent schedule, I won’t be posting an Info Blast this week due to a medical emergency in my family. There may not be one next week either, I’ll know more this weekend. Please keep up the quality content and comments Infoblasters! Your thoughts and prayers are genuinely appreciated.

  8. @DiceAdmiral: We’re very sorry to hear that you place your TRIVIAL FAMILY AFFILIATIONS into which you were born WITHOUT CONSENT above the SUPERIOR CaspiusEAN BROTHERHOOD into which you VOLUNTARILY ENTERED–nay, into which you were INDOCTRINATED–through your own PERSONAL VOLITION.

    We will, nevertheless, pray for the swift recovery of any and all family members affected by [medical emergency], as this seems the surest route for your unimpeded return to the fold.

  9. Dice: Your family has my prayers, sir.

    It occurred to me while listening to the readthrough again that Louie concluded art was no longer something he could relate to, because it was, to be simplistic, for the living. And shortly after he professes that he wants to journey to see the Pyramids and the crypts of kings. Art that is essentially, for the dead. I just thought that was pretty neat, and shows how into the minds of her characters Rice can be when she’s at her best.

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