TSM Episode 304: Another Dropped Catch

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Shane Watson shells an easy catch in the slips.

Download: Produced 2014.12.28

Having celebrated Christmas, and with the Boxing Day Test on the telly, Caspius and SiliconNooB settle down to a winter’s evening of video game news, literature, and reflections upon the state of Australia’s fielding–and this time, no one deletes it!


  1. (Review Text)

    Should auld acquaintence be forgot,
    Hang on a moment: it cannot,
    For we’ve gone back in time:

    To a point when things were bright
    And rosy; dark was starry night
    In Draenor, long ago.

    Or so Metzen would have us think,
    As he sips a frosty drink
    In Tahiti, by the sea.

    He’s packaged up the old as new–
    As bold as brass, and half as true–
    We’ll test his mettle now.

    It turns out the new is mostly old;
    Promised content pulled, after ’twas sold
    (Metzen raises his glass to thee).

    His drink umbrella’s the wrong shade
    Of puse, and now his marmelade
    Simply isn’t cold enough.

    So whilst busty ladies wait on him,
    Let us plunge once more, to my chagrin,
    Into his latest work.

    Archmage Khadgar reappears,
    But someone’s taken cutting shears
    To his formerly hirsute visage.

    His wrinkles, too, are soothed away,
    Doubtless calmed by great outlay
    Of pre-order dollars long advanced.

    Ere he set foot on Draenor’s shores,
    Young men, well-funded, lacking whores
    (In times puritanical), their money ventured.

    But they were all of them deceived,
    For Metzen a crafty falsehood weaved,
    To tempt forth the desir’d coin.

    ‘Racial buildings, oh ye valiant horde,
    And much to do–you won’t be bored;
    And no more burst D-P-S!’

    But the buildings racial did not appear,
    And, once more, as you might fear,
    The D-P-S was bursty!

    “Check out our storylines,” he quips,
    And from an icy beverage sips.
    Well, we have done just that.

    We’re back in time, but present, too–
    There’s all a very great to-do
    Of what isn’t wasn’t was.

    Garrosh is dead and yet alive,
    The Iron Horde’s a very hive
    Of Scum and Villainy.

    To punish players, quests galore,
    And every one a sodden bore
    Of collection for NPCs.

    Kill five of this, or ten of that,
    For reward, this stupid hat–
    You’ll replace it presently.

    Or was it pastly? It’s made to confuse
    And confound–this costly ruse
    To coax money from your purse.

    So be not misled, it’s just the same
    As every other Warcraft game
    Released this past decade.

    There’s lots to see–and to do, more–
    But you’ve done it all before.
    So withhold the proffered funds.

    Demonstrate some financial umbrage,
    And let Metzen go without fundage
    Needed for spirits ardent.

    Perhaps sobreity will cure
    His tendency to vend manure
    To expectant fans and gamers.

    But more like he’ll just repeat
    The sin. So, when the next’s complete,
    Remember you this short review!

  2. These last two weeks went faster than I’d have liked. Feels like I just finished the last podcast… WELP, here I go!

    And as for a gaming moment: A friend of mine JUST died in Diablo 3 hardcore after spending 118 hours on his Witch Doctor. The worst part is he died as soon as he got in town, but apparently a bit of lag meant he was still getting hit. I’m guessing he’s done with this game for a while. lol

    Edit: I should note I was playing with him when this happened, but I was waiting in town because my death skill was on cooldown. So was his, but he thought “better” of waiting. So it does count as MY gaming moment.

  3. Info Blast is the :INSERT EMOTION (HAPPIEST): Place On Earth

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob
    Also featuring:

    Poetical Review
    Warlords of Draenor

    Upcomming Features
    Written Review
    -Eternal Sonata

    Cricket news: OZ vs India
    I welcome the return of Cricket News. It allows me a few minutes at the beginning of the podcast to setup the Info Blast template.

    COD on the decline
    Annual franchises get stale. I can’t think of a single exception to this.

    NIS goes all in for PS
    One of these days I’ll play a Disgaea game.

    XBL/PSN Hacked
    Predictable. Many hackers are assholes and many child gamers are entitled jerks. 2+2= “Worst Christmas Ever!”

    AC:Unity Season Pass owners screwed again
    Yeah, that sounds about right.

    New Suikoden?

    Bup Talk
    Best Game of 2014

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice

    I’m very interested to see where this whole bit with Claudia goes.

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    This week I played several new games but I’ll focus on one.

    Steam Park is a game about building a theme park for robots. Players will build roller coasters of different colors for visitors to ride and some stands in order to help manage visitors. On your turn you can 1: Build Rides, 2: Build Stands, 3: Attract Visitors, 4: Clean ‘Dirt’, 5: Play Cards for Points, 6: Expand Your Park. The catch is that each player gets 6 dice and must roll them onto the side that represents the action that they want to take. Players can roll their dice as many times as they want, but must ‘lock’ their dice when they get to a side that they want. The catch for that is that it pays to lock your dice fastest as there are turn order cards and whoever finishes first will take their turn first and also get a reward. Finishing last sucks as all of the other players will take the rides that you want and your park will get dirtier.

    I’m really not doing this game justice but allow me to try. The game has unique pacing because every round starts with a real time frantic dice rolling and then you have to manage your park strategically based on the dice that you rolled. The art style is also pretty great.

    I dunno if I’m just off my game this week or if this game really needs to be played to be understood, but I enjoyed this game a lot more than this text implies.

    Bonus: I also played Boggle with my family and managed to get 99 points in a single round. (It takes 50 to win the whole game and that usually takes several rounds)

    DiceAdmiral Travel Moment
    Traveled for Christmas. Nothing special.

    Final Notes
    “Bando Namcai” – Lusi
    “How are you Bup?” “Yes”

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Imitanis

    Donators eligible for end of year drawing: 14

  4. @DiceAdmiral:

    These are four famous statements rendered in Latin.

    ALEA IACTA EST: The die is cast.
    CARPE DIEM: Sieze the day.
    DUBIUM SAPIENTIAE INITIUM: Doubt is the origin of wisdom.
    OMNIA FERT AETAS: Time ends all things.

  5. @DiceAdmiral:

    “Upcomming Features”
    What does it mean that a feature is upcomming?

    “I welcome the return of Cricket News. It allows me a few minutes at the beginning of the podcast to setup the Info Blast template.”
    That is NOT WHY WE DO IT.

    “One of these days I’ll play a Disgaea game.”
    Why not today?

    “I’m very interested to see where this whole bit with Claudia goes.”
    I’m certain that everything will be Fine Now™.

    “I dunno if I’m just off my game this week or if this game really needs to be played to be understood, but I enjoyed this game a lot more than this text implies.”
    It reads like something I wouldn’t want to play. That said, nearly everything you describe reads like something I wouldn’t want to play. I like Chess and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The rest of it can sod off.

    “Traveled for Christmas. Nothing special.”
    The staff of Caspius.com expresses its satisfaction that your plane did not crash into the sea.

    ““Bando Namcai” – Lusi”
    Someone noticed!

    “Donators eligible for end of year drawing: 14”
    Now it’s zero!

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