TSM Episode 284: A Bup Plug

Yours for only $599.99.
The Caspius.com Bup Simulation Experience.

Download: Produced 2014.08.10

Caspius and Mel prepare for another week of lousy news, but Bup arrives to toss a spanner into the works. Whilst size Bup sabot tumble into the Caspius.com machinery, Caspius is distracted by another English Cricket victory and Mel plays Fartstorm.


  1. *Note: This episode was NOT one of the Bup vs. Lusi segments. Just wanted to make sure people didn’t think that brief verbal barrage was the real thing.

  2. Also, the object in that picture is not a butt plug. Just wanted to make sure people didn’t run out to buy one expecting the picture to be like the real thing.

  3. What does Info Blast need with a spaceship?
    This week’s panel

    Cumulative total record holder: Imitanis
    Single Donation record holder: Imitanis

    Donators eligible for drawing:
    Greg H.
    John V.
    Matthew D.
    John M.
    Brett W.
    Aram Z.
    Peter V.
    Billy B.
    Les E.
    Martin B.
    Jeremy V.
    Simon H.

    Feature: Select-A-Misery
    Voting Closed! Reviews incoming!

    Hyperbole Hunt/Hype and go seek
    Retired after a single week?

    England Still inexplicably winning Cricket
    What did you call it Lusi? A hurrikin? Yikes.

    Bounced Out

    Twitch Copyright System
    This system even pulls video game music. Playing pokemon and hear the music? Pulled. Awful.

    Maybe Google Hasn’t Bought Twitch

    Wii U DLC

    Silly arcade peripheral
    Why not just have an external joystick box and not try to engineer it onto the system itself.

    Sierra returning?

    Woahhhh The halfway point!

    Women play mobile games

    Fallacy of Division

    It’s just a fallacy

    VC Release Deluge

    More Mega Man coming to VC
    I’ve only played MM10. It wasn’t really my cup of tea. I think maybe old-school hard is not the difficulty level that I need for my games.

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    Dolor by Theodore Roethke
    I think this loses something in the translation to spoken word, at least in this context. I enjoyed reading it though.

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    No D&D This week, sadly. I did, however, play Space Alert. This is another game by one of my favorite designers Vlaada Chvátil. Space Alert is a cooperative game where the players serve as crew members on a really terrible little ship and try not to be blown to pieces by the various ships and intruders which they encounter. This is a game which is rarely won. More often than not the ship is vaporized or the players are eaten by an amorphous blob. The game is played on a timer with a soundtrack which instructs the players on when threats occur and where. This also serves as a pressure on the players to make their action choices quickly which, inevitably leads to mistakes. A player will change rooms when they meant to push a button or vice versa. It’s pretty chaotic and not for anyone who can’t handle losing to mostly random chance or stressful situations. If you think that sounds up your alley then this is probably the game for you. Thumbs up.


    Event Calendar

  4. Am I being snagged by the filter again? I don’t have any staff names in the info blast this time.

  5. @DiceAdmiral: Yes, you were. But I’m not entirely certain *why*.

    Re. Hype-and-go-seek: I forgot! Back next week.

    Re. Bounced Out: This links to the Last of Us on Amazon. I wish it had been bounced out.

    Re. “Dolor”. It’s hard to do well anything even remotely serious when I have Bup huffing and puffing like a jackass at the same time, angry that we aren’t all paying attention to him for one goddamned minute. I’m going to have a word with the staff because this is beginning to make me angry. If they can’t be respectfully quiet during the reading, which so many of our readers expect and enjoy, they can find something else to do that doesn’t involve them being on the podcast.

    Space Alert sounds like fun, and I would play that game. Disappointed not to hear about D&D, though.

  6. @Lusi
    Bounced out: The apparent bad link is intentional because they cut you off to talk about that game when you tried to explain the concept.

    Reading: I wonder if there is a way to do the reading without interruptions. Maybe record it separately and just insert it in post? Do you want the panel to comment on the reading afterwards? If not, then maybe that’s the way to go.

    D&D: Hopefully we will play again soon.

  7. @DiceAdmiral: Re. Re. Bounced Out: I had guessed that might be the point, but did not want to assume so.

    Re. the Reading: They have the opportunity, and should respond intelligently. I’ve addressed the issue and it won’t be happening again in future.

    Re. What does Info Blast need with a spaceship?: I’m glad someone picked up on the reference, and replied in kind. Kudos!

    p.s. I’ve been improving your picture links. Have you noticed yet?

  8. Reading: That’s good. I look forward to the Literature Corner.

    Final Frontier: Lusi, you’d don’t ask the Admiral for his credentials!

    Pics: I looked now, you sneaky punk.

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