TSM Episode 283: Property and Poppycock

I come not to prophesy a class war of the future, but rather to call attention to the class war of the present, in which the wealthy have been steadily and subtly disenfranchising the middle- and lower-classes of their privacy, property, and freedom.
The face of techno-governance.

Download: Produced 2014.08.03

Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Iliya inaugurate the Imitanis Literature Corner with a special-edition full-length comedic reading, considerably lightening the mood after a discussion of the modern trend towards the erosion of property ownership. Penury ahoy!


  1. Info Blast asks Jeeves

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob

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    Feature: Select-A-Misery
    Voting Closed! Reviews incomming!

    Hyperbole Hunt/Hype and go seek
    “A rich and deeply textured RPG of epic proportions!”
    -I won’t comment an answer because I cheated and looked it up and can safely say I would never have guessed.

    England wins Cricket?

    Nintendo’s Profits
    This is pretty disappointing. MK8 is a decent game and there is a reasonable selection of quality software on Wii U now.

    38 Studios v Rhode Island

    Crytek ‘Transitioning’ away studios

    Dragon Quest IV for iOS
    I might be interested in paying a premium for a good game of length on android, but most of them just can’t be asked to be good enough to be worth it.

    EA Access
    Blah, Too little too late EA.

    Woahhhh The halfway point!

    Imitanis Literature Corner
    The World of Jeeves ch1
    This reminds me a lot of the best parts of Candide. Hilarious! I demand more!

    Imitanis Gaming Moment
    This week I played Castles of Burgundy, Sneaks & Snitches, and some more D&D. I’ll discuss them in that order.
    Castles of Burgundy is what the board game community calls a “Euro Game”. A Euro game typically features very little luck, little direct player conflict and little to no player elimination. This particular game is about buying various types of properties to fill your estate. The limitations on doing so are that you may only take properties from or build them on spaces which match one of the two dice that you’ve rolled and that other players may take the things that you want before you can. It’s a very competitive game and I like it quite a lot, but it’s not for new gamers.

    Sneaks & Snitches is about as opposite as can be from Castles. There are a number of locations lettered A-H and loot cards are dealt out to each one. On any given loot card are a number of symbols relating to the four colors of treasure which will be awarded to any player that manages to successfully steal the card. To steal a loot card you need only play your “sneak” (each player has A-H cards in their hand) that matches the location card. The catch to this game is that each player also plays a “snitch” card (also one of the same set of cards) matching a location letter (all cards are played face down and revealed simultaneously). You’ve essentially tipped the guards off at this location and no player will steal anything from this location. If your sneak and another player’s sneak go to the same location then you trip over each other and neither gets the loot, but instead a consolation prize. The game just clicks after one round and you’ll probably never have a round where someone wasn’t fouled by another player. It’s a great game and plays for a brief 20 minutes, which I feel under-stays its welcome. It’s probably a good sign when you feel like you want to play the game again after finishing a session. Also recommended, but not for players who can’t handle losing or are sticks in the mud.

    D&D: Finally returning to the campaign, the players had narrowly escaped an attack from a necromancer and a horde of undead who set their inn ablaze. They hurried out of town towards the nearby woods for cover, but when they saw torches on the edge of the clearing decided to divert a different direction. After a night’s rest in (a different area of) the forest, they returned to the town in daylight to search for anything valuable. I had initially planned for them to meet up with the refugees in the forest, and planned accordingly. This is one of my favorite things about being a DM: When the players do something entirely unexpected. I improvised an interesting building for them to scour complete with a strange ruby amulet with a bizarre white imperfection and three malevolent occupants for them to be accosted by even after fair warning of the danger. I now have them asking questions like “what is this amulet?” and “Why were these murderous Dragonborn not attacked by the Necromancer who appears to have killed everyone else?”. This is great since I now have even more ideas to explore and help to create the world.

    Highlight of the evening: After blasting out a window, smashing in the locked front door, prying up floorboards to find a hidden amulet and donning it, the cleric asks the huge Dragonborn with a battleaxe who just dealt her 2/3 of her health in damage “Why are you attacking us?” He replied “You are honorless and will perish for it, THEIF!”. She remembered that she was wearing the stolen jewelery and said “Oh… yeah okay.”.


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  2. @DiceEnsign:
    “Castles of Burgundy is what the board game community calls a “Euro Game””
    This seems appropriate, as Burgundy is in Europe. Also, the first thing that came to mind was Carcassone.

    “Sneaks & Snitches”
    …doesn’t sound interesting in the least. Sorry!

    “when they saw torches on the edge of the clearing decided to divert a different direction”
    Run away from the light, boys! It’s safer in the darkness!

    “strange ruby amulet with a bizarre white imperfection”
    Your discriminatory language is unwelcome here.

    “He replied “You are honorless and will perish for it, THEIF!””
    In true Link’s Awakening style, the Cleric should be called ‘THIEF’ by every NPC for the remainder of the game.

  3. @Lusi:
    Carcasonne is a light Euro like Settlers of Catan. Light in this context means that there is more luck involved.

    I think I may not be communicating the concept of Sneaks & Snitches properly, but maybe it’s just not your thing:

    Torches: I think they imagined that there were enemies waiting to entrap them. I guess I can’t really blame them as they’ve yet to meet anyone who wasn’t out to get them. Though, to their discredit they decided to try and protect some “merchants” who were actually bandits. A fact which would have been discovered if they’d been halfway willing to look a bit and ask a few questions.

    Ruby: That’s funny, but the imperfection is actually very important. It’s roughly hand shaped and the players encountered some very tough bandits earlier who wore red arm bands with a white hand, so they are likely connected, though the players have yet to discover that.

    Cleric: As long as she keeps wearing the very obvious spoils of her crimes I think that will be the case. The players asked to play in a setting where there weren’t magical items hidden in every cabinet, so something so sparkly and nice and *spoilers* enchanted is likely to draw a lot of attention. Especially when worn by someone who’s spent the last 2 weeks sleeping in the woods and on cave floors…

  4. As a totally unrelated side note: I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Thursday and it really is amazing! If you like having a great time at the movies then I definitely recommend that you see this in theaters as soon as possible.

  5. Nope to Guardians of the Galaxy? That’s unfortunate. You’re missing out.

  6. No, I’m really not.

    I don’t like super heroes, I don’t like action movies, and I don’t like furries.

  7. Mkay, well it’s not for you (@Lusi) then I guess but you (Lusi-Readers) should still see it.

  8. Oh dear, I hope we don’t have readers who are super-hero obsessed furries.

  9. No one out there figured out this week’s Hype-and-Go-Seek without cheating?

  10. But I do recall this game being brought up by both RPGamer on RPGCast and on this website quite a few times..

  11. Did you guess correctly, or did you look it up on the interneeet?

    (DiceAdmiral looked it up, the cheater!)

  12. Looked it up. At work again atm with distractions while listening with the earbuds, was a quick search. If you said searching for it isn’t allowed, I missed it and ruined everything. Genuine apologies and I won’t do it again for future ones.

    It’s a Provincial holiday today and my little facility is open, the people need alcohol and paying attention isn’t my strong suit on a day like today.

  13. Yup, no searching allowed. Now you know!

    I heard about your August provincial holiday, and I laughed myself silly when I found out that it was a generic holiday which each area tailors to its own specifications.

  14. Wasn’t it Caspius Day? Did I carve this marble statue with my teeth for no reason?

  15. so the game was saga frontier? I thought the game were from the n64 or the ps1 librery, no idea which was. To this day I have so much fun completing every character from saga frontier. I didn’t like the second.

    I keep hearing guardians of the galaxy is such a great movie, maybe I should go when there are less people going to the theaters, and yes it is mandatory to stay after the credits from what I hear.

    I did find the literature corner very entertaining .

    England winning was such a surprise.

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