TSM Episode 275: Live at E3 2014

This picture was actually taken by us when we were actually at E3 which we were actually at this year and where we are actually at right now where I am actually writing this from E3 where we really are for real.
The Los Angeles Convention Center

Download: Produced 2014.06.08

Caspius and Ethos travel to Los Angeles to cover E3 2014, and then they record this podcast in the lobby of their hotel (also in L.A.). Join them as they reflect on the first day, and the conferences of Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony. Pink drinks ahoy!

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  1. Sony won Monday; whatever your random definitions of who wins what is.
    NA CEO Sony Guy did waste about 25 minutes though; go fuck yourself next year.

  2. Nobody wins at E3. Everyone loses, except for the media.

    Sony TV Television TV TV blah blah TV. One is impressed at how quickly they forget the lessons of last year. No one watches ‘Console TV’ and no one cares.


    This week’s panel:

    Feature: Make Bup Pay Up
    See Podcast header for details.
    I’ve contributed my share! Get the rest covered ye LusiVermin!

    LifeProof Case
    I have no case on my phone. I’ve got a screen protector, but I keep the thing in my pocket and having it be bulky is annoying and I’d rather be careful.

    Fable Legends
    Fable always looked really boring to me. The most entertaining Fable moment from my memory is Lusi’s Fable rant on the Fancycast.

    Microsoft E3 recap

    Sony E3 Recap

    Ubisoft completed Wii U game
    This is annoying, but kind of understandable. I guess that Ubi doesn’t think that any of these games will be system sellers.

    Ratchet and Clank movie
    This looks like a good way to do a video game movie. Just make it using the same style as the in game cutscenes.

    Campcom bringing games to Virtual Console
    Cool. I enjoy VC games a lot.

    Nintendo E3 summary
    Nothing super amazing, but Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X look decent. I’m not sure I’m super into the XCX trailer’s anime-esque melodrama though.

    Scott Imitanis Mundy Literature corner
    I’m a little indifferent about this week’s segment. Nothing too spectacular happened. I expect Candide’s life to be more eventful.

    DiceAdmiral’s Brettsuo Gaming Moment
    I played some Black-Light mini golf. It was pretty cool. My weekend gaming has been reduced as of late. I expect to have more to report in coming weeks.

  4. We tried to find you!

    Well, when I say ‘tried to find you’ I mean ‘ate a lot of ice cream’.

    It was pretty cool.


  5. 4 Donators this week?! Awesome! I’ll take credit for getting the ball rolling.

  6. Oh, my mistake. Your Latin threw me. I thought it was a 4th name.

  7. @DiceCorporal: Nope! And technically, only *two* donators this week. You were last week!
    RALLY THE TROOPS. You are promoted Corporal for this purpose.

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