TSM Episode 271: Library Ramble

Substantially more impressive than Caspius's, after he was forced to sell his Atari, NES, and SNES.
An Impressive Collection

Download: Produced 2014.05.11

Caspius demands that Sabin present himself for duty despite illness, and, with the help of SiliconNooB and Iliya Moroumetz, the panel announces a new Reader Membership Drive, through which, dedicated readers can assign games to Caspius for review.


  1. The pic of the collection reminds me of The Angry Video game Nerd’s collection .

  2. Blast is back with a brand new invention

    This week’s panel
    Illya Mourumetz
    Silicon Noob

    Feature: Readership Drive
    Sounds fun. I’ll see if I can get some friends to comment.
    I agree with Sabin, that “won’t install Steam games” is a huge cop out.

    Bust a move sound
    I played Bust-A-Move on Game Gear back in the day and recall nothing at all about the music.

    Ruby and Sapphire
    I dunno if I’m gonna buy one of these. I never finished Soul Silver, Black, or X.

    Early access game abandoned after 200k sales
    Ironic that this is catching flack given how vaporware-y LFoPD has been.

    Kickstarter Lawsuit
    ’bout time!

    Outcast reboot kickstarter Defeated

    Eve Online Monument Defaced; Vandals banned banned for life

    Suikoden Tierkries sound
    Voice acting: Awful
    Music: Good

    Shout out to the Info Blast!
    BTW, I was out with Vertigo last week and trying not to puke when I wasn’t lying still with my eyes shut.
    Thanks for the props!

    FF3 steam

    konami earnings

    Capcom sales

    Square Enix sales

    I’m still enjoying this a lot, ChrisP be-damned. Thanks for reading! Perhaps a future readership drive will allow readers to select further readings.
    Candide is quite the murderous little punk isn’t he?

    Dice Admiral’s Brettsuo Gaming Moment:
    No more Dragon Commander yet, though I did finally return to D&D.

    For months the players have been crawling slowly through a dungeon filled with brigands, a myriad of strange creatures (like the Cockatrice), and ancient teleportation devices linked to constellation patterns. When planning the current session, I considered their dungeon fatigue and planned some events should they choose to leave without fully exploring. I hadn’t really expected them to take outward paths, but when presented with an alternate exit to the dungeon, they swiftly took it. As a result, the bandit leader will be left with unlimited time to unearth the secrets of the ancient relics and will likely return somewhat later to make the players regret their lack of tenacity.
    They instead consulted the “Hand of Fate” for guidance, and upon learning that information about everything they wanted to know lied East, immediately went West. The party returned to the town in which they began their adventure only to find several buildings are now smoking heaps and the villagers all missing with signs of conflict. They were exploring the town when the sunset. Shortly thereafter they were beset by zombies and instead of fighting their way out, decided to take refuge in the isolated upper floor of the inn, guessing that the zombies could not follow them. This worked well until they went to sleep and the necromancer behind the zombies set the inn ablaze. With even more zombies now besieging their flaming ‘fortress’ they had the choice of burning alive or attempting to escape through the horde. They chose the later and barely made it out alive, dragging the bleeding, unconscious cleric from the building mere moments before it collapsed. I’m intrigued to see what they do now. I’ve put them in a place where they have much more freedom to choose than when they were crawling the dungeon.

    Hurray for the return of bloopers!

  3. “Ironic that this is catching flack given how vaporware-y LFoPD has been.”
    We didn’t sell 200K copies of LFoPD–in fact, we didn’t even sell one–so, I don’t see how that is ironic.

    “I was out with Vertigo last week…”
    Now there’s an excuse I haven’t heard before. Were you trapped atop a building or a lofty pinnacle for the duration of the week?

    “Candide is quite the murderous little punk isn’t he?”
    Nonsense! He even tells us, repeatedly, how he is the mildest of men!

    “Hurray for the return of bloopers!”
    It’s all for you, DiceAdmiral. IT’S ALL FOR YOU.

  4. @Lusi:

    Yeah, not ironic, I wrote that before I went and read the story then never edited it. Whoops.

    Vertigo can be caused by various neurological and inner ear problems, the latter of which I experienced. For the curious: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertigo

    Well, every other man must be an even more murderous scoundrel then, being less mild than he.

    I appreciate it, I really do.

  5. Embrace a podcast of gaming pleasures with the best…
    Oh, there is no RPGamer this weekend, Sabin’s fridge freezer needed an emergency defrost?

    Sigh… Yet take heart !!

    Podcast joy is not lost, for doth do you swoth this day.
    Swoon at Silicon NooB Taylor, a gent (of no doubt epic girth). The indomitable Caspius – unforgettable, unforgivable – a lord among most excellent site write-ups.

    TSM is joined by, and enjoys guest hosts for, very often, near the knuckle commentary.
    Sublime team, balancing crass with intelligence – no idea how you gents get away with it, fucking stunning podcast !!

  6. @SKS: One of the more poetic, laudatory comments we’ve ever received.

    I should print it out and stick it on the board!

  7. I would really enjoy more if Caspius had to play any of the games he said in the podcast (ff7, fftactics or mm2) so the next time chris is on the podcast Caspius can tell him he was right over and over and over and over again xD.

    I must be the only one who thinks this way.

    I am disturbed by the disturbed orgasmic way chris talked each time he named a bad game in Caspius collection.

    In the candide part I don’t understand these words : buenos what?
    Candide is so whiny, I can’t say that I like him

  8. Buenos Ayres–an old spelling and pronounciation of what is today called Buenos Aires.

  9. oh, Buenos Ayres pronunciation is the same of buenos aires for you? from my point of view it pronounces the same way in spanish, I don’t know if that is the same if a another language is involved. I was sooooooo hard to understand that part .

    I enjoy the candide read even if I don’t like the character so much (too whiny)

    What do you think of microsoft selling xbones without kinect? do you think is going to save the xbone?
    I find this podcast one of the best of this month so far.
    Chris being disruptive in the podcast reminds me of Caspius being disruptive in the rpgcast, so much fun to listen.
    Moroumetz really makes an excellent Hulk Hogan voice .

  10. ” Buenos Ayres pronunciation is the same of buenos aires for you? “

    No, they are not pronounced the same. As I just wrote, Buenos Ayres is an old spelling and pronounciation of what is today called Buenos Aires.

    Whilst some people still pronounce Buenos Aires in the old style, it is more common now to put a long E sound in there, so that it comes out like “Bwey-nohs Air-ees” in English.

    The standard pronounciation until the mid 20th century was “Bwey-nis Ayirs,” spelled as Buenos Ayres.

  11. oh, the pronunciation is in english, yeah the “Bwey-nohs Air-ees” sounds more like the spanish pronunciation I hear everyday . I am asuming Buenos Ayres pronounced in english “Bwey-nis Ayirs” sound like Bwey-nis Ageers?

  12. @Ferchu: Er, there’s no G sound in it. The pronounciation given is how it sounds in English. I’m not sure why you’re changing it.

    The old pronounciation for Buenos Ayres is how it is in the reading from Candide. That’s the whole point…

  13. Correction: The first Castlevania DS game was Dawn of Sorrow, not Dawn of Souls. And yes, it’s the best Castlevania DS game. :D

  14. My god, my posts of yesterday are so imbecile. Sorry Caspius, I had low glucose yesterday (60) and I am never the brightest when that happens -.- .

  15. Oh, how I wish I could eat chocolate but I can’t since I have gallstones .I can’t eat anything that have fats . I have to suck it up and wait for the surgery .

  16. Then this would be an excellent time to remind you that Caspius.com is 100% fat free! You can read it all you want without worry!

  17. Chris really needs to be a more regular part of this show. He compliments Caspius’s stylings perfectly. Like a polar opposite approach to everything.

    Also Ilyrio, you have a spectacular voice. I absolutely loved your little piece of the Mikado.

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