TSM Episode 270: I’m Listening

...But I'm not.
He’s Listening!

Download: Produced 2014.05.04

In his weekly radio call-in show, Caspius is listening when producer Ethan ‘Roz’ Pipher puts through calls from Blitzmage and Imitanis on the topic of Nintendo’s future hardware at E3 (or lack thereof). Kevin Spacey guest stars as a confused gamer.


  1. Ironic. The first time I ever heard Caspius was during an RPGamer livestream where I immediately asked, “Why is Frasier hosting today?” which the other RPGamer host who isn’t Chris repeated, and Lusi feigned annoyance of as he asked, “Who is this Frasier?” One of the only television shows I’ll start up the tv for.

    Super Mario Galaxy is not an enjoyable game. Nor was it’s sequel. Nor was Sunshine, for that matter. Mario Tennis Ball Runner: Plus Flailing sums up my experience.

    I don’t care how you lot pronounce ‘Z’. I don’t pronounce ‘Zuckerman’ ‘Zeduckerman’, so it’s Z. That said, I hate zombies and wish they would go away altogether. I think people enjoy them because they’re reminded of themselves and their daily routines.

    I still have my copies of Mega Man Legends, Legends 2, and Tron Bonne. All three wonderful little adventure titles that invoke a Ducktales, or Adventures of Tintin feel. I still feel cheated by Capcom for showing me the promise of 3, then canning it completely. Mighty No. 9 is no consolation whatsoever.

    If you go through with the plan to donate money towards an employee playing a bad title, everyone is going to donate towards Bup. Or possibly Lusi.

    Lastly, it’s really strange to hear a show without Julian. I hope he’s well. Good show guys. Thanks for producing it.

  2. @Wolfe – Don’t underestimate the disdain for Ethos. I think I’m in the running.

  3. I would love to see Julian play some shitty games, because I would imagine his descriptions of said games to be fantastic.

  4. Great podcast. Julian playing bad games would indeed be fun!

  5. Lusi – But think of the children that never got to see anyone playing superman 64, you could give them a smile to their faces :D

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