TSM Episode 261: Bup Helps Out

A life in plaid.
Nate Liles, Man of the World

Download: Produced 2014.03.02

Bup drops in to help out Caspius and SiliconNooB with the seemingly impossible task of reporting the news. Rebecca Black suddenly arrives to show off her latest hair-style, and everyone else is improbably absent for the job of reporting the weekly news.


  1. Well this episode is everything I want in the starlight megaphone. Keep it up.

  2. Info Blast! Info Blast! Friendly neighborhood Info Blast!

    On this week’s panel!

    Coming feature
    FFX/X-2 on Vita?

    Cricket news

    PS4 Japanese launch

    Product of the year
    These are hilarious. It makes XBone look worse to be next to these products.

    Sony Stuff

    Secret of Mana

    Kandy King Krushed

    Minecraft Movie
    I recommend the Lego Movie. It’ surprisingly good and actually a bit subversive for a kids toy movie. Way better than it could have been (Transformers and GI Joe, I’m looking at you).

    Free to Play Europe

    BFIV Naval Strike

    Wii/DS online ending
    What I’ve heard happened here is that the online services were handled by gamespy which was sold to Glu mobile who canceled Nintendo’s online service contract.

    Elop Xbone
    I am not at all interested in some sort of Amazon box. I like to keep mobile (phone) gaming separate from my consoles. Buttons just cannot be replaced and it just doesn’t feel right to play some dinky flash-style game on my television.

    Diablo 3 2.0 5.0? 3.2?

    DiceAdmiral’s Gaming Moment:
    This week I played Civilization V. The World War that the remaining 8 civilizations declared upon myself (Egypt) and my partner (Japan) has turned into a nearly assured victory. Songhai, France, and Siam have been eradicated. Our fronts have turned towards India, Carthage, the Inca, and the Celts all of which appear to be laughably one sided. Attempts to negotiate peace have not been met with discussion despite our overwhelming military power. Our two options are this point are to win by domination or to cripple our opponents and go for a different victory condition.

    Maybe I’m just in a tolerant mood, but Bup was surprisingly listenable this week, at least until I got to the post-episode recording.

  3. @Dice: I have been wondering if people have even noticed the outtakes being appended. I’ve been doing them for a while now, and this is the first time I think I’ve seen anyone even mention them.

  4. I’m with Bup on the Cricket talk. I don’t care about sports in my own country, I don’t find them any more interesting simply because we don’t play it here. No offense intended to your respective interests in the sport, I simply don’t share it.

    I’m with Caspius on the Lego movie. No. Just no. Soulless, corporate endeavors are no less soulless, corporate endeavors simply by virtue of being entertaining.

    I enjoy the outtakes a great deal and they’re probably my favorite part of the show now. I listen primarily for the personalities, and it’s always nice to hear you guys being candid with each other. Not to dismiss the content of the show. I always enjoy Caspius’s insights into the social climate surrounding gaming, but again – it’s the personalities that make the show.

    This was a good show in general. Very well rounded. It’s always interesting to hear Nate become sincere in his conversation too. Reminds us that he’s a person and not just a comedy device.

  5. On entirely its own merits, the Lego Movie is excellent. It has good things to say and it has thoughtful ways of saying them. It is layered and genuinely thoughtful and funny, and a stylistic visual marvel. I do not feel it is just entertainment. Of course, nothing is without context, and so the movie as a product in our world is hypocritical and uses the work of good artists to be a 2 hour commercial. But I’m not satisfied in letting either of these truths overrule the other. If anything it’s a perfect reflection of the backwards way in which art is produced and consumed in North America. Those with the power to grant creation have no sense of what is at the heart of art. Is this an example of artists taking advantage of corporate blindness to try and communicate soul? Or is this an example of corporate greed taking advantage of the earnesty of artistry to exchange their souls for more profit? I think it’s a fallacy to say that either of these suggestions overpowers the other.

  6. @Wolfe – Agreed about Nate. I think he’s very funny, but I do like it when it drops it entirely to speak sincerely. Maybe he tries to hide it, but he’s great to have a conversation with.

  7. Remember the spring drive folks. Donate $1000.00 by April 15th and Bup will be removed from the show. donate $2000.00 by the 30th and Bup will have a special all Lady Gaga edition. Donate $5000.00 by May 15th and Caspius will do nate. donate to the create Punchbeginner.com creation site hosted by Caspius.com

  8. The Cricket talk must go on! I enjoy the talk, even if I dont understand all of it from time to time. Bup is awesome, Drachonus is whack .

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