TSM Episode 258: Gotta Go Fast

There is nothing which words can add to this.
Sonic Boom. Boom!

Download: Produced 2014.02.09

Everything old is new again when Caspius rehires every staff member ever to have worked at Caspius.com. Sonic goes fast, much to the delight of panelists SiliconNooB, Durga Syn, and Mel, who are eager to play the Western-only Wii U exclusive.


  1. Oh my god he’s coming back. This… I’m not sure if it’s good news or bad, but holy crap will it make for good listening.

  2. This was a great episode guys. Very focused, good discussion. Durga Syn, I wasn’t a listener when you worked for the site before, but you were a welcome addition to this show’s line-up and I look forward to your work. Thanks for joining back up.

  3. There is a part of me that is terrified at the thought of Bup and Gyme on the same podcast.

  4. Mega Man X4 was fucking terrible. It soured me on the Mega Man X series because Capcom decided that the one thing that Mega Man needed was a fleshed out story when that was the last thing that the series needed.

  5. @Wolfe, I look forward to entertaining you in further podcasts and hopefully with my mostly acceptable writing! It is good to be back.


    On this week’s podcast:
    Mel https://starlightmegaphone.com/contact-staff/andrew-melcon/
    Silicon Noob https://starlightmegaphone.com/contact-staff/julian-taylor/
    Durga Syn *No Bio on the staff page at this point, Get on it Lusi!*
    Gyme https://starlightmegaphone.com/contact-staff/james-pagel/
    Caspius https://starlightmegaphone.com/contact-staff/Caspius/

    Nate Lies (among others) returning to Caspius.com
    I’m not looking forward to the return of Bup. I’m saying right now that I won’t be linking lady gaga news or fart apps in the Info Blast.

    What is Zero Fighting for?

    Cricket news

    Sonic Revamp

    Rust gets some CLR, removes Zombies

    MGS Ground Zeroes

    Dungeon Keeper is awful

    Flappy Bird removed

    Capcom earnings down

    Watchdogs de-trademarked, then re-trademarked

    Eve Monument

    Square Enix Back in Black

    Disc-Less XBone

    Happy 5th Anniversary Caspius.com!
    The first post: https://starlightmegaphone.com/2009/02/09/welcome/


  7. Hey guys, I am a long time listener, first time responder. I would just like to say hello to everyone on the show, and you all seem GAY!
    Well, at least Ethan anyway.

    OH and to catch up, thanks Caspius for firing Bup.

  8. Well, you’ve come out of the woodwork at a fine time. Now keep commenting!

  9. @Parker: You’re welcome! See you in two years when you thank me for hiring him again, too!

  10. I think we’d all love to have Riddles back – but whether or not he’s in a fit state to return is an entirely different matter.

    Hiring on people who are not committed to the site simply doesn’t work, and only ever leads to angst. I know that Lusi has tried many times to get Oliver on the podcast, and Oliver tends to agree to do it and then never shows up. hiring someone with that sort of attitude does not work.

  11. I get that, I do recall a particular podcast where that happened in the not too distant past. I certainly understand the reasons not to.

    Thinking back, I generally enjoyed most of the past members (I went back and listened to the old a little while back, I think I started listening around MAP 105 or so).

    I like the current podcasters as well, but I think I have a particular fondness for the people who were around when I happened upon MAP (SN, Biggs, Riddles, to a lesser degree Rootbeerking).

    BUP can be a bit much sometimes, but I laughed my ass off in the episode where he kept referring to Deimosion as Demon Souls.

  12. I think the show’s tone works best in moderation.

    Sometimes the comedy value makes a show. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just let the recent 80s cast go on repeat for my listening and laughter pleasure.

    Other times the quiet, serious insights I’ve heard in Caspius’s engagements with Julian over social behavior and how it pertains to modern gaming (such as the discussion over how we as a society are engaged only in perpetual self-loathing and apology for past events rather than any celebration of our collective accomplishments) really grab my ear. That sort of commentary is what kept me hanging around listening to the show more than anything.

    So yeah. My point may be a bit muddled here, but again, I think the ‘never know what’s going to happen week to week’ nature of the show is one of it’s best qualities. Kudos, everyone.

  13. Lady Gaga news has been retired to make way for Miley Cyrus news. Good day.

  14. Bup’s bio tells me a lot about him:



    Would that this could also be my bio…

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