TSM Episode 256: Australia Day

Victory for the undeserving, once again!

Download: Produced 2014.01.26

In this Australia Day 2014 podcast, Caspius.com spares no expense in acquiring an Australian panelist for the purpose of talking about the Australia vs. England ODI series taking place in Australia which Australia has won. Advance Australia Fair! Matey!


  1. INFO BLAST! Blast! blast blast blast

    On this week’s panel
    SiliconNoob https://starlightmegaphone.com/contact-staff/julian-taylor/
    Gyme https://starlightmegaphone.com/contact-staff/james-pagel/
    Lusi https://starlightmegaphone.com/contact-staff/Caspius/

    Cricket News
    Follow live scores on Saturday night CST (When the podcast is recorded) to have some idea of what our intrepid LusiCast is talking about.

    HA a Hex joke!
    255+1 = 00

    While Lusi said that there isn’t, technically there is a feature

    Dead Rising 3 patch

    Capcom’s five year plan
    Kinda reminds me of this
    We’ll build a windmill my fellow animals!

    Runescape cards definitely exist

    Microsoft Delusion

    Cavity Crash Story

    FF VI bug

    Alienware steam machines
    This entire thing sounds dumb and doomed to fail.

    Tomb Raider on PS4 and XBone

    Microsoft sneaky marketing
    I bet this happens more often than we’d like to think.

    I’m not all that invested in getting ahold of Mr Becker, I want a shot at that game.

    Lots of news this week guys. Under an hour and loads of content; a quality production!

  2. “I bet this happens more often than we’d like to think.”

    Exactly. As I intimated on the podcast, this is like a little chink in the formidable wall of PR defence. Looking through it, a little shaft of light is shone upon the unseemly things crawling beneath. Now we may suppose what is actually transpiring therein, and how much worse and widespread it probably is.

  3. You know what really, really disgusts me? All these bad business practices come out, the shills, the paid liars, the misinformation agents… and you still hear so many people willing to try and talk up excuses for it. For god’s sakes, are we so pathetic as a people today that we want to rationalize lies? That it’s acceptable for us to -expect- lies, just because, “lol, business”?
    Makes me sicker than words can express. And it’s existence in the gaming media stems from a larger social problem that’s bigger than I can begin to tackle. I’m just bloody sick of it.

  4. Holy shit, Lusi. I forgot about you planning to us Bon Jovi at the halfway point. Nearly made me crash on my way home from work.

  5. My goodness! Runescape cards enjoy a four star rating on Amazon,no doubt achieved through the patronage of Runestone King and 147 members of his extended family!!

  6. Yes, thanks to Lusi I was able to tell exactly when I was half-way there!

  7. I was confused, but the explanation near the end made me laugh. Usually when you hear someone crack a joke about editing something in they don’t actually end up doing it.

  8. @DiceAdmiral: That’s because I am LAZY and also FORGETFUL. But this time I remembered!

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