TSM Episode 247: The Age of Stereo

Note: the presence of family and/or furniture is not compatible with Microsoft Kinect.
Thanks to Xbone, the future is NOW!

Download: Produced 2013.11.24

The Microsoft Xbox One launches to some acclaim from some people, and less acclaim from other people. Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Mel tear the PlayStation 4 apart and evaluate costs. Microsoft Xbone Television is discussed: Welcome to the age of STEREO!


  1. I picked up both 3D World and Link Between Worlds, but I haven’t had the chance to try either yet. I’m very excited to now that I’ve heard how good they are. I wonder if I’ll get less out of Link Between Worlds having not played Link to the Past in so long that I can hardly remember it.

  2. I’m not well-versed in Link to the Past (I’ve played the first 5-7 hours a number of times and have enjoyed it, but have never beat it), but Link Between Worlds is excellent so far. Same with Super Mario 3D World. If it’s not too late, it could definitely be the game to set the Wii U off the path of destruction. The company feels like they’ve been hit with a second wind (or third or fourth or whatever) with these titles.

  3. Probably somewhat less but I doubt it will hamper any new-comers’ enjoyment.

    Hey, I hope you guys don’t mind, but I made a comedy video about the Xbone based on all the hilarious jokes you guys made on the podcast. I wanted to put “inspired by Lusiurr.com” or something to that effect at the end, but I felt like it would break the immersion. So instead I linked to SiliconNoob’s news post in the description. It’s uploading to YouTube right now. I’ll link you as soon as it’s ready. I hope you guys like it.

    The podcast was quite unbelievable [in a good way] this week. Thanks a lot!

  4. I’ve been playing A Link Between Worlds at every available moment since Friday because it is thoroughly and immensely enjoyable. It has just the right mixture of having so much of A Link To The Past but with a different spin that it brings about everything you remember without at all being boring about it. Thankfully as well the wall-picture thing and item rental are not overdone or gimmicky. Home run for Nintendo. And I just saw a WiiU bundle with NSMBsU and NSLU at Best Buy today for $300.

  5. Dice, I don’t think your enjoyment would be diminished one bit. If anything, it will bring up more than you thought you remembered, but knowledge of ALttP is not required as it stands as a good Zelda game on its own and from being supported heavily by nostalgia, in my opinion. You’d have to be completely over ALttP or just not like Zelda games.

  6. Jahan, this is brilliant!

    “Larger and slower cooling fans for larger and slower Xbox fans”. Perfect.

    And turning the TV off so you can hear how quiet the console is nearly had me spit my drink out.

  7. That “Mario Mega Bundle” would persuade me to buy a Wii U more than if Satoru Iwata came to my house and threatened me at gunpoint to buy the console. Granted, I don’t think Jap eyes facilitate aiming, but you get the picture.

  8. @James: Won’t happen again.

    @Julian: Thanks. It was inspired by you guys.

    @Andrew: Thanks. That fans joke was yours and it cracked me up.

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