TSM Episode 246: Exhausted and Befuddled

No! It's a sweater!
Let me guess: is it a book?

Download: Produced 2013.11.17

It is well past Caspius’s bedtime when SiliconNooB returns from his afternoon constitutional. Nevertheless, the daring duo forges on, with Caspius increasingly incomprehensible, and SiliconNooB increasingly offensive. Bundles of sticks are mentioned.


  1. DiceAdmiral’s Info Blast and Listener Commentary for TSM ep 246:

    On this week’s panel:

    Intro Audio:


    Good luck in court Lusi!

    Thomas Malory:

    The Summa Theologica:

    PS4 Units arriving dead:

    3DS and WiiU eShops combined:

    I think this is a step in the right direction. It’s just a small step. They’re also rolling MiiVerse to 3DS as part of this. Speaking of which: isn’t it time for another round of ‘Tales from Miiverse’.

    NintendoLand pulled from eShop:
    This makes me not want to get NintendoLand at all.

    FF7 Demake:

    Michigan Tornado:

    Jim Sterling/Microsoft:

    Finished game found in 38 studios assets:

    Link Between Worlds:

    Mario 3D world.

    I guess I’ll be less $100 on the 22nd.

    Better, could still use some sound leveling.

    This wasn’t nearly as bad as the summary made it sound. Not a bad episode at all.

  2. There is actually some decent stuff on Wii U finally. Wind Waker is good, Mario is good, Pikmin is cool, 3D World looks awesome. It might be worth diving in for a Wii U. Granted, it’s all Nintendo titles, but that’s typical for a Nintendo system.

  3. Or, at least it is for home consoles. The 3DS appears to have quite a decent amount of 3rd party support.

  4. A few thoughts in no particular order;
    -I did not know that the church condemned public tournaments until now, and appreciate the acquired knowledge.
    -I had also read about the circumstances of Arafat’s death, and like most people consider the culprit behind it to be everyone’s favorite war-mongering little piece of land, Israel.
    -I also find the superhero ‘morality’ issue that prevents killing as absurd and primarily a method of insuring that the villains remain alive and commercially viable. God forbid the writers be forced to create a villain for the purpose of telling a story rather than establishing an extension to the brand.
    -And lastly, in regards to the PS4 and Xbox launches, I can’t help but feel like the industry has been specializing in diminishing returns over the past decade. With this coming gen making subscription for online play mandatory, I find myself wondering if I have personally arrived at a tipping point where the cost no longer justifies the experience. Of course there’s going to be a few gems in this gen, just as there were in last. But how many? And what number justifies another purchase that many of us can’t afford in a slow economy?

    Good show again this week. Best of luck to you in court this week Caspius. I wish you success.

  5. The big problem for me with the Wii U is that, as was mentioned, none of its games are console sellers. The titles DiceAdmiral mentioned are decent games, but I am not going to buy a Wii U on a few decent games.

    Part of my aversion has to do with my disgust for Nintendo’s decisions with the Wii. I don’t have faith that a Wii U purchase will payoff down the road.

  6. ^^^ Which is probably why EA is so desperate to push Origin, so they can Trojan Horse in paid subscriptions further down the line…

  7. Indeed it is. However the question of money comes into play again and it’s been made very clear to me that I could not build a machine equal to the PS4 on the same budget that’d be needed for it and a year’s subscription to PSN. On top of which, I simply prefer to game on a console. Let the accusations of console peasant and whatnot begin.

  8. Let’s not be foolish, there are a lot of advantages to consoles. I use a USB 360 controller on my PC because some games are simply easier to play with a controller. I also find a controller to be a more relaxing scheme to use than mouse and keyboard, for which I must be upright at my desk.

  9. The advantage to a console to me is simple: I can afford it. I can’t afford to upgrade individual components of my PC regularly. Hell, I can rarely afford a full priced game these days. When I plunk down several hundred dollars for something that isn’t rent, I -require- that it last me for several years, because I’m not going to have the means to make another luxury purchase of that caliber for a while. I’m poor, you see.

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