1. Once more unto the breach. Haven’t started this one yet. I just want to say that last weeks podcast made me laugh harder than I have a long time. Once in awhile the chaos is welcome here, at least for me.

    Kudos Caspius.com

  2. The Info Blast for TSM 245:

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    Xbone Ban:

    Really hasn’t done anything I’ve liked in a while. I think 8 is a disaster and the Xbone sounds even worse. You want to lose to Google, Sony, and Apple, keep doing what you’re doing.

    It sounds like Lusi either is Catholic or knows a great deal about the Catholic Church.

    DOTA2 DireTide:


    Warlords of Draynohr:
    I’m not writing about MMO crap here. If you care you already know.

    Heroes of the Storm:

    XBone XBone XBone XBone XBone XBone XBone XBone XBone, XBone XBone XBone XBone XBone XBone.

    Sounds great!™

  3. I’VE BEEN clarified! FREE SPEECH IS alive and well! INTRO AND OUTRO SOUND QUALITY Sounds great!™ Respect THE POWER!

  4. I always enjoy the Sabin shows. You all have a natural conversational chemistry, and there tend to be very focused, interesting conversations, even if it it does sometimes turn into a Sabin Shaming Segment. The lack of political correctness continues to be a selling point of the site, as is the complete lack of pandering of commercialism.

    I recall hearing you mention something about being sued a couple of shows back, Caspius. I do hope that the situation is progressing in your favor.

    Oh, and the commentary on fast food? Completely accurate, and unexpected. Laughed my ass off.

  5. I followed one of Dice Admiral’s links and came across this incredibly thoughtful comment on the state of the Press’ defense of the Xbone:

    Most of the gaming press isn’t really xenophobic toward the PS4 itself, even though they prefer western games more, they’re just heavily influenced by MS’s PR team and they’ve been used to the zone that comes with that. Free consoles, MS PR reps buying them lunches, mega exclusive looks at games and what have you. If the X1 loses steam, it’s going to end that ecosystem, so they’re going to be even more defensive about it.

    They want to say it’s gamers that are poisoning the industry… the customer who keeps the market going in the first place, though it’s the press that’s part of the problem.They stand with the publishers over us and a lot of them don’t like their feet being put to the fire over this. For the past 8 years, they’ve gotten too used to one paradigm, show the big 360 exclusives and call it a day and give the PS3 some passing mentions just to throw people a bone.

    I will admit, being a game reviewer is a thankless job, and many of the bigger gaming press outlets have gotten caught up in thinking that they’re owed some perks for what they do. It almost a given that they would protect the companies that scratch their backs the most. This must end. I think this crucial moment before launch is really laying the groundwork for who can be trusted and who can’t.

    It’s only going to get worse from here. The game press will take out their ire against us in all sorts of passive-aggressive ways. They’ve already taken to attacking the PS4’s launch library and softballing the discrepancy of power between the two consoles. I see a future where press completely turns the tide against the PS4 just to spite the gaming audience that won’t kiss their butts because they claim themselves to be the authority. Taking matters into their own hands like sniping at PS4 exclusives Polygon-style.

    Most of us aren’t even saying, “love everything the PS4 does”, just acknowledge it as having the edge graphics wise for consistency’s sake and stop the hostile defensive posturing.

  6. With even my small glance into the PR-run gaming world, and even in the watered-down Canadian version, this rings very true.

  7. It’s pretty sad that this may well be the state of things. But this is how it is pretty much only in the US, right? I thought in other major territories (EU and JP) that Sony had a much better image, not to mention sales performance, than MS.

    And be these unsightly press politics as they may, I still see Sony doing much better than they did with the PS3 out of the gate. They’re in a much better position this time around.

  8. The only other market that M$ dominates is the UK – Sony owns the rest of Europe and Asia.

    This story reminds me; a couple of weeks ago Sessler had a Twitter meltdown, raging about how one of the console vendors [he didn’t specify which] was ‘not letting him do his job’ – it was speculated at the time that he was raging at Sony for not sending him a free PS4 several weeks ahead of the rest of the world, and I’m guessing that this rank sycophantism is, more-or-less, confirmation of that.

    Quite how the lack of free swag prevents Sessler from making shitty Youtube videos is anyone’s guess, I suppose that’s just how one thinks when living in a bubble of fat-cat entitlement…

  9. Sessler has proven time and time again his preference for MS. He’s not even subtle about it. In fact, while I was reading the quote posted, I immediately thought of Sessler.

  10. That is a great quote. Thanks for sharing it. Polygon’s recent posts have been outrageous.

  11. I never paid enough attention to Sessler to know his biases. I just know him as that guy who gets angry about stuff and was on TV before.

  12. Isn’t Sessler the cunt that threw the bitch-fit over a violent scene in a God of War game?

  13. No, he threw a bitch fit because there was an achievement called “bros before hoes”. Apparently that was SEXISSSSSSSSS!

  14. Ah, that’s right. We Americans are such pusscakes now, it may be time for Saxton Hale to lead Australia in an invasion on America.

  15. I’ve noticed a trend lately where various gaming sites are voicing their outrage at being accused of taking bribes. To me, this screams nothing so much as, “How dare you accuse us of something we’re actually doing.”

    Keep us updated about the case Caspius. We’re all cheering for your success.

  16. @Wolfe: And they do so in a video that has an ad for the Xbone or PS4 at the beginning.

    Receiving review copies is one thing, but now these douche bags complain that they don’t get free consoles in advance. And they say gamers are the entitled ones.

  17. I know that the big companies love flying reviewers out to luxury resorts to do their reviews, which seems pretty sick to me.

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