TSM Episode 244: Goblintalk

Katakit, the Kit Kat Pokemon
Katakit, the Kit Kat Pokemon

Download: Produced 2013.11.03

SiliconNooB and Gyme serve as panelists solely for the purpose of ruining Caspius’s dreams of an artistic website. Poems are solicited, comments are desired, SiliconNooB is foulmouthed, and Gyme ends up being banned from podcasting for a month. Industry!


  1. Hopefully I will be back on the normal editing schedule going forward, but I make no promises.

  2. Dice Admiral’s Info Blast and Listener Commentary:

    Intro Audio:
    Quality still shite

    This week’s panel:

    Extra Life:

    Donation Drive:
    Caspius will write and read on the podcast a poem of for any donator of a number of lines equal to the dollar amount of donation. Style and topic may be selected by the donator.

    Gyme is a douche:
    ‘nough said.


    You probably should replace those idiots with someone halfway competent.

    Listener Letters:
    Nice to hear some longer feedback make it into the show.

    Wii U shorts:

    The NSMBU Bundle:
    Got me to buy one. I played it over Extra-Life

    PS4 won’t playback music:

    Ubisoft cans Online pass:

    Swapnote shutdown:

    Runescape donations:
    I could not find a link to this.

    Yearly donation giveaway:
    If you donate more than $5(10? 15? I forgot) in one shot, you are entered to win a game at the end of the year from steam or amazon. (Up to $60, game must be new).

    Quality still stinks, I’m still complaining about it.

  3. When is the last day to donate for the fall drive with the poem? I thought you said Monday the 10th but I wasn’t sure.

  4. Zoltan’s a charming fella, isn’t he. :( His letter to you guys was like a rainbow of lovely love in a sea of septic despair. Both you and he should be proud, I think, although I kinda dunno why.

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