TSM Episode 105: Xbox One-eighty

A Microsoft slain by hubris would have provided an object lesson for the industry--a salutary lesson on what happens to companies when they attack consumer rights. Now, that lesson will not be taught and, we fear, will go unlearned.
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After a week of harsh industry commentary on the rolling nightmare that is Microsoft’s Xbone conundrum, Messrs. Don ‘Alf’ Mattrick and Co. perform the most astonishing volte-face since New Coke, shocking Caspius into purchasing both a Wii U and a PSVita!


  1. I am positively baffled at how in the wake of this NSA scandal, people still shout ‘conspiracy theorist!’ when you suggest concerns of the Xbone’s spycamera. I am convinced that for Americans, the Xbone is justified entirely by the mentality of ‘support home grown consoles!’ at any cost. Nevermind if that cost is the gaming version of the damn Patriot Act.

  2. The cost is turning the industry into a damn toilet.

  3. Zoltan’s death metal column has sucked all of the oxygen out of the room. No one even wants to talk about Microsoft, they’re all too busy talking about Kant!

  4. I can’t imagine any amount of backtracking that would make me forget what Microsoft initially rolled out and what that says about its level of respect for gamers as a whole. The bit you discussed about how much they screw the indie developers who want to put a game on their store (while not surprising) only furthers the idea that they are nothing more than out of touch asshats looking to squeeze whatever money they can from whoever they can. I hope that the X-Bone fails as spectacularly as Microsoft’s actions merit if such douchbaggery would be guaranteed a proportional response measured in lack of sales.

  5. I think the XBOX One is shaping up to be a wonderful platform indeed. It has lots of great exclusives coming to it. The Kinnect camera will no doubt become a revolution in gameplay. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can use it to do something far beyond Wii Fit. (XBOX Fit!) I can’t believe they were going to let you download your games from your friend’s console. That’s like having all your games with you everywhere you go! It’s too bad they had to take that out along with DRM. It costs 100 more dollars than the PS4 because you get like 1000 dollars more value from it!

  6. Caspius.com is AMAZING!

    Wolf is so taken with the direction of the site that he wrote us literally REAMS of constructive criticism!



  7. Long time listener, first time commenter.
    Just wanted to say thank you for bringing up Thomas was alone on the podcast this week. Somehow it flew under my radar, but it sounded interesting so I promptly bought it and beat it in one sitting. Amazingly charming little game.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. There are few things I like more than hearing from a long-time listener making a first-time comment. It is the payoff for every week’s work, week after week, on the podcast.

    We’ve had a lot of good indie games recently, with Thomas Was Alone and Guacamelee featuring prominently. And, there are solid big titles coming at year’s end. Not a bad year for software, on the whole.

    Indie titles are something that I try to ensure we pay a lot of atttention to when the devs get it ‘right’. It is hard being an indie dev, competing for attention with a limited budget and small margins. Often, it is a labour of love–many good games go unrecognised and die a death without being noticed, So, whenever we can, we try to focus on smaller titles that might otherwise pass us by. It’s our duty to an industry where, we feel, the best games have *always* been made by small, dedicated, passionate groups–whether at Square in the late 80s or in a basement today.

  9. Thanks for posting, Octodad. I see that you’re also named after an independent game. Nice. I hope you’ll chat with us more in future podcast threads.

  10. Another pretty great indy game was this week’s release of Hotline Miami on PSN. I’ve never played anything else like it.

    The indy scene is truly the place where all the originality and innovation is happening these days…

  11. Loved this episode this week.

    And if anything, Zoltan’s metal mix made me realize that singers of metal are a lot more careful than I give them credit for…. except that wanker from Cannibal Corps. He’s a silly person.

    And while I hope MS gets its act together, because really, competition benefits the consumer, which means me, and if I benefit from all these companies working harder to earn my dollar, then more power to them. However, I’d rather they be smarter with their budgets instead of just assuming I’ll buy something when they simply throw so much money at exclusives and gargantuan budgets.

  12. Wrong.

    Competition from Microsoft does not benefit the consumer.

    It almost resulted in Sony matching the Xbone’s anti-consumer DRM measures.

    Microsoft is toxic, and only serves to corrode the industry – the sooner we are shot of them, the better.

  13. How can we be certain that Sony would not have enlisted the same techniques following publisher demand to find a method to fight what they consider rampant piracy and Gamestop’s used game market? I’d love to see MS pushed out of the market. But a single system could easily become a tyrant with no one around to prove a financial challenge.

  14. Nintendo exists to provide a real alternative–not just a mirror for the PS, as 360 has in this generation, more or less. With a wholly different set of games, approaches, and architectures, Nintendo is the genuine alternative to both PS and Xbone.

  15. Steam are looking at launching a console, as are Google – both strike me as far better prospects than Microsoft’s value-detracting contributions to the industry.

  16. I just wanted to pop in and say how much I appreciate these podcasts. I’ve been listening to a bit of the backlog, and I enjoy how you’re not afraid to present controversial opinions (even if just to provoke a reaction). Many other podcasts I’ve listened to (CatFancy) tend to be too bland for my tastes in comparison. Thank you for having intentional discussion of gaming without always having the impetus of a related news story. That’s probably enough compliments for now. I think I hear the ego-strain from the inflation. I’ll be back.

  17. TWO new long-time-listener, first-time-commenters in a week? Why, this is a RED LETTER DAY at Caspius.com

    Not to worry, we are modest, humble men. The very best modest, humble men on the internet.





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