TSM Episode 97: The Late Show

Really very late indeed: it goes up on... Tuesday!?
He’s late.

Download: Produced 2013.04.28

Caspius is overloaded with work and must record the podcast late. Then, he is overcome by illness, and must record it even later. And then, he is forced to call upon Blitzmage as co-host. Seriously, the standards at this place get lower every day.


  1. @Ethan: The mere mention of the word ‘Hawaii’ does not allow you to initiate a luau. Get back to work.

  2. …but…but I want a luau. How many more Lusipoints do I have to save up to get one?

  3. Maybe it functions as an exchange rate. 10 Lusipoints for awkward pictures of Ethan. Three awkward pictures of Ethan for a Luau.

    And twenty Luaus can be exchanged for a day unchained from your desk.

  4. I’m from Hawai’i and I never saw any luaus. They are a myth.

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