News: Final Fantasy X-2 to Be Included with Final Fantasy X HD

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Square Enix Sweetens the Pot For Final Fantasy X Re-Release

When an HD remaster of Final Fantasy X was initially announced for the PS3 and PS Vita it was an occaision for much excitement, but also for bafflement at the fact that Final Fantasy X was the only game announced for the package. The convention for such things tends to be that two or more games are released as part of a HD package [or at least this is the case on the PS3], as anything less would not warrant full-pricing. Many people chalked the initial announcement up to being typical Square Enix hubris, yet happily it has been this week revealed that Square Enix plan to make good on a value-packed Final Fantasy X re-release, at least in so far as the PS3 is concerned.

The PS3 version of Final Fantasy X HD will feature the international version of Final Fantasy X-2 as part of the package. The PS Vita is also set to receive both games, yet they are to be sold separately on account of the Vita’s maximum physical gamecards holding just 4GB of data at present. That said, it would be very much appreciated if Square Enix’s Vita pricing reflected the decreased value proposition offered by the games being sold individually.

While Square Enix initially stated that the game would be a simple upscaled remaster, it has been this week revealed that the game will be something more than this. New game screen shots have been released this week which depict entirely new character models, with both higher polygon counts and vastly improved hair and textures. This should remedy the occurrence of very poor LoD character models which were in evidence during some of the original game’s cutscenes.

In terms of new content for North American gamers, the international version of Final Fantasy X features the ‘Expert Sphere Grid’, along with the Dark Aeon and Penance boss battles. Meanwhile, the international version of Final Fantasy X-2 features additional dress spheres along with the eighty-floor ‘final mission’ dungeon. In one final point of interest, the release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 this week revealed the inclusion of scenes from Kingdom Hearts II, Birth by Sleep, and Coded during the game’s ending credits, indicating that a Kingdom Hearts 2.5 might be in the offing. This means that a HD collection featuring Final Fantasy XII and Revenant Wings might not be beyond the realms of possibility, since Square Enix appears to be geared towards HD re-releases at present.

Xbox Loli
Somehow, Microsoft seem to be working towards providing a worse value-proposition than the Wii U.

New Xbox Durango Console To Block Used Games

The documentation for Microsoft’s Durango development kit was leaked onto VGleaks this week, and it indicates that the console intends to utilise some of the least consumer-friendly DRM practices available. The Durango is unable to play software directly from the game-disk; instead, every game will have to be installed to the hard-drive before it will become playable. Presumably this process will in some way render the original game-disc unusable, so as not to allow software to be installed on multiple consoles [unless the disc is still required as a means of authentication, like with many PC games]. This measure becomes increasingly problematic when one factors in reports that state that the base model of the Durango will ship with a hard-drive that is only capable of storing five hundred gigabytes of data, allowing for just ten full sized games to be stored at a time. To top all this off, the Xbox Durango will require an always-on internet connection, because that worked out so well for SimCity.

The first thing to note about this leak is that the information present is likely many months old, and may not reflect the final state of the Durango Console. The second thing to note about the leak is that if the information pans out and holds true up to release, then the next Xbox stands to be completely decimated by the PS4. Console gaming used to be about convenience, yet these last five years have seen it become in many ways more cumbersome than PC gaming. At any rate, if the Durango does opt to go down this dark path, then Microsoft can expect to see its market-share dwindle to a small demography of Microsoft enthusiasts largely focused in and around North America.

[Pictured]: Garriott.

Richard Garriott Claims To Be the World’s Only Good Game Designer

This week Richard ‘Lord British’ Garriott [of Tabula Rasa fame] has claimed that he and Chris Roberts are the world’s only good game designers, on account of the fact that the role tends to be filled by people who are unqualified to perform any other role. Garriott asserts that this leads to them adopting a lazy approach to game design, where they will tend to iterate rather than innovate.

“Other than a few exceptions, like Chris Roberts, I’ve met virtually no one in our industry who I think is close to as good a game designer as I am. I’m not saying that because I think I’m so brilliant. What I’m saying is, I think most game designers really just suck, and I think there’s a reason why: we’re leaning on a lot of designers who get that job because they’re not qualified for the other jobs, rather than that they are really strongly qualified as a designer.”

“It’s really hard to go to school to be a good designer. Every designer that I work with – all throughout life – I think, frankly, is lazy. They go to make one or two changes to a game they otherwise love versus really sit down and rethink, ‘How can I really move the needle here?'”

One hopes for Garriott’s sake that this was a moment of stunning hyperbole as opposed to a sincerely held belief, as, the dire state of the industry not withstanding, he is still a game design minnow in a pond full of very large fish. The implications of Garriott’s suggestion appears to be that he is possessed of the belief that he is somehow a better game designer than studio’s like Valve and Arkane, and yet here he is having to launch a Kickstarter in order to get his next game funded – because there are precious few dolts who would wish to play another Tabula Rasa.


  1. Will FFX HD have a remastered soundtrack and voice acting?

    Microsoft had better push that all-in-one entertainment center thing pretty hard to distinguish XBox Durango from PC and PS4. I wonder if it’ll play Blu-Ray… Hope that you don’t have to install anything extra on it, either.

    Ultima games are okay – it takes a Molyneuxian ego to make a statement like that based on his legacy. I maintain that the JRPG-ified U4 for NES (along with the couple of Game Boy games) is way better than the Origin-al version. Still though, even if there isn’t so many we love, that are superlative, there’s enough designers out there that are middle-of-the-road or better, and certainly don’t suck at their job. What an ass.

    @SN: Although we discuss the topics you bring up alot, I feel like we don’t give you enough feedback. I look forward to your excellently sardonic posts every week. Readers, give him a thumbs-up every once in a while.

  2. @Matt: I was wondering the same thing about the voice acting.

    As for the soundtrack, I am inclined to think ‘no’ since it’s already so lovely – but I will note that Kingdom Hearts HD had its OST re-recorded using live instrumentation, which means that it is something that SE has likely considered.

    Also, we are apparently set to receive a FFX HD trailer on the 25th of this month.

  3. I’ll see your EXCITEMENT, and raise you a fanboy SQEEEEEEEEEEE!

  4. X has been a FF game I’ve always been very neutral on. There were some pretty nice things about it and some pretty bad things about it, and looking back it all just balances out for me.

  5. …not the time and place, Mel. There’s fanpeople-ing going on. YAAAAAAAY!

  6. @Mel – Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you, not to squelch the fanpeople squees.

    Although certain songs from FFX were totally on ALL of my Mix CDs in High School.

  7. @Kenjujuu: Sorry, my mistake.

    @Che: *whispers* (I’m not actually sorry.)

    Also, the music in this game IS amazing.

  8. *Hits Mel over the head with a sack full of rocks.*

  9. Oh, whew. OVER my head. Don’t feel bad about missing, I’m told lots of things go there.

  10. Well I don’t know about AMAZING, but there are certainly bright spots. I’m really excited to play this in HD. I don’t think FFX is all that great, but I do have a fondness for it.

  11. Final Fantasy X is a rubbish game, but most of the rubbish is down to the terrible, restrictive Sphere Grid (though some things, like forcing me to rotate through all of my characters in a battle, are just as bad).

    I’m looking forward to giving FFX a shot once more.

  12. It’s funny, when X was new I recall people complaining about how the Sphere Grid isn’t restrictive but too open ended, allowing any class to become any other class and losing their identity. I honestly don’t remember much about my interactions with it, just that it tends to get a lot of shit (for a potpourri of reasons, it seems.)

  13. @Caspius: I would argue that you could probably completely ignore leveling Kimhari without being any worse off, and the only time that Rikku is needed is during the swimming sections [and she is mostly just useful for support potions], so as long as you do some very occasional leveling for her, then you should be OK.

    So it’s not like you have to cycle through the whole team each battle.

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