TSM Episode 88: The PlayStation Non-Event

In the future, all touch controls will be the size of a postage stamp!
The future of the PlayStation is revealed at last.

Produced 2013.02.24

Caspius, SiliconNooB, and KillswitchTool cover the announcement of the PlayStation 4, though details about the nature of the system seem hard to come by–especially in the wake of Sony’s pre-planned, two-hour-long, highly-scripted, marketing blitzkrieg.


  1. This episode is garbage because of the Californian. California is the worst place in the world. They cannot even pronounce “merry” “Mary” and “marry” correctly. Every episode with that KillswitchTool Californian is off my watch list. EVEN IF IT REVEALED THE ANSWERS TO ALL FRAINWORTHY QUESTIONS, I WOULD NOT WATCH IT. So long as the Californian is in the episode, I shalt not watch it.

  2. I wish petty things like that were all I had to worry about in my life, that I could devote even a moment to them. I envy you…

  3. Does my vendetta against California seem petty to you? I have been complaining about their shenanigans for YEARS now. I’m sick and tired of even HEARING about the place. Can’t it just become its own country, or the like?

  4. Well, at least I hope your hangup on their pronunciation (your example isn’t even endemic to California) is periphery to your hatred and not the sum total of it. Language changes. A dull homogenization of it serves no one aside from those whose hobby it is.

  5. Two things.

    1) Mel is like a bridge: everything goes over him.

    2) KsT is not from California, he is from Arizona. They are different places!

  6. @Caspius In his own staff profile, it states that he is originally from California.

    Honestly, Caspius, I have been following you since your RPGamer days. The day you left RPGamer, I weeped. When I found out you had created your own website, I jumped for joy. You are a learnt intellectual who also takes interest in video games. I like to get my weekly dose of Caspius, but I REFUSE to listen to the voice of a Californian (or “Arizonan-originally-from-California,” whichever you prefer) for even ONE SECOND!

  7. @Mel: I have no idea what you are talking about.

    @Tharthan: Do not believe the lies of my staff. Their profiles are replete with manifold falsehoods of every conceiveable variety.

    I am glad that another poor CatFancier has found his way into the sanctuary of Caspius.com. Welcome home!

  8. Wait, so Zoltan’s blood type is NOT Gingerale+?

    This changes everything.

  9. Tharthan: The Caspius.com staff regularly include such falsehoods and nonsenses in their personal details so as to trip-up any wrong-headed members of the readership – AND OBSERVE, Mel has exposed himself as an unabashed California sympathiser!


  10. Caspius, it might be annoying to hire readers sometimes, but when you get quality staff members like SiliconNooB, it makes up for it.

  11. (Note to self, Caspius.com regularly includes falsehoods and nonsense)

    Hey, it’s a new header!

  12. Thank you for bringing that up, Mel. It is, indeed, NOT Gingerale+. I’ll announce my real blood type in the next podcast I am on.

    By the way, I was born in Arizona and raised in California. What does this mean for the site?

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