TSM Episode 85: The Fate of Ignatius J. Reilly

He stared gratefully at the back of Myrna's head, at the pigtail that swung innocently at his knee. Gratefully. How ironic, Ignatius thought. Taking the pigtail in one of his paws, he pressed it warmly to his wet moustache.
This week, Ignatius J. Reilly finally meets his fate.

Produced 2013.02.03

Zoltan’s Reading Room finally attains to a glorious and satisfying conclusion, Caspius inveighs against the Culture Machine, and SiliconNooB speaks out against censorship in what may be the last of the really long Caspius.com podcasts. Brevity ho!


  1. Comment with your favourite moments from Confederacy!

    Ignatius’ behaviour in the Prytania Theatre is, to my mind, some of the most comic and outrageous stuff ever written. I vividly recall laughing until I wept the first time I read of his visit there with the children, where he inflates a bag of popcorn and then blows it up, and follows it by shouting, “Who produced this abortion!?” at the screen.

    The second visit, during which he screams about how the heroine is not a virgin, and follows this up with the incendiary and impossibly offensive, “Rape her!” is up there as well, firmly establishing Ignatius utterly and completely beyond the pale; unmatched by any living individual. This is a moment when one conceives that, in fact, there is literally no one like this in the real world.

  2. That is possibly my favourite end chapter to any book ever. It’s the chapter which makes all the other chaos and dysfunction meaningful.

  3. “The first and last time a video games podcast has ever read a complete work of fiction”.

    I believe you have forgotten the original promises made by Peter Molyneux while he was creating Fable.

  4. It certainly will not be the last time either, remember that Peter Molyneux has a new studio.

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