TSM Episode 83: Acropolis Now

Look, not every city can have an Acropolis. Not every citizenry has the theology and geometry necessary to understand that an Acropolis means sacrifice. Some people don't want to pay twenty percent city taxes. Those people are weak! They are sheep! They should be made to grovel in the dust with the swine that are their mental brethren!
The Athens Acropolis is the definitive acropolis for the discerning acropolis connossieur.

Produced 2013.01.20

When SiliconNooB and Blitzmage bristle at the idea of paying moderate taxes that will provide for the conservation of historical sites, Caspius is forced to explain the value of preserving classical heritage–a principle in which he leads by example.


  1. Apparently no one else shares my passion for appropriate architectural theology and geometry! I bet you people refuse to pay your city taxes as well!

  2. I think that construction of an acropolis is a perfectly valid use of tax-payer money. Obama has a golden opportunity to preside over an acropolis-lead American financial recovery, but instead he insists on squandering the public purse on fighter jets for the Muslim brotherhood…

  3. @Lusi: You sang your praises loudly enough for the three of us.

    Do you seriously think that I would stand in the way of PROGRESS?

  4. ^^I’m legit super serious. I wonder if internet people would give us $100,000,000 USD on the strength of our word?

  5. What a ridiculous and yet fantastic idea. Kickstart the ACROPOLIS.

    Seriously considering it!

  6. Funding goal [$100,000,000] – we fill in Lake Michigan with loam and build an Acropolis on top of it.

    Stretch goal #1 [$200,000,000] – we build Lea Monde around it.

    Stretch goal #3 [$300,000,000] – we supply the construction crew with ham sandwiches to keep up morale.

  7. The top-fifty backers can be allowed to be the first fifty people to swear allegiance to Caspius’s America.

  8. Blitzmage’s continuous whining about the legendary Confederacy of Dunces has made me truly despise him. I cannot believe he was born in Maryland; so close to the region of New England, the greatest area of the United States. He is a shameful example of a human being. May he perish in a pit of fire.

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