TSM Episode 79: White Holiday Guilt

This picture, every year. Every, single year.
Happy CHRISTMAS from Caspius.com!

Produced 2012.12.23

Caspius, SiliconNooB, and Imitanis simply cannot stop oppressing the poor, unfortunate people of the world. Their imperialist, dogmatic, patriarchial attitudes are rightly punished when their holiday is struck from the calendar. So… happy Saturnalia!


  1. I get the feeling that SNES cartridges would wear out before that console itself breaks.

    Hell, civilisations could fall an mountains rise in the time that it takes for a SNES to stop functioning through general wear and tear…

  2. Just look at the United States, it seems we were much more intelligent during the age of the SNES, now I cry at the masses shouting YOLO and mourning the loss of Jersey Shore. Although we may have to ask Caspius if the country was more intelligent back then since I was only 4 when the SNES hit the US.

  3. @James: On the whole, yes. That is to say, the average American was more comparatively intelligent with the entirety of dependable knowledge. We have more facts now, and our average people now know facts and abilities which our forbears did not, but these improvements did not keep up with the loss of criticality and discernment which attended their invention.

    By way of an object lesson: the ability to appreciate an edifice of important literature (say, Moby Dick) has diminished, as has the ability to articulate that appreciation, and the criticality necessary to it. Meanwhile, people today also know more about computers and technology, and in general, a little more about the outside world. Though, they are even *more* woefully parochial in applying their own standards and expectations to others, despite banging on about tolerance and sensitivity to absurd degrees.

  4. Thanks for the well-wishes, Lusi. I have a backup from August or so, but nothing since then.

    Congrats on finishing up that long and winding WoW achievement. I could never stick with an MMO long enough to do something like that.

    And that was a beautiful Christmas tale at the end. Nice choice.

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