TSM Episode 78: The Mass Effect of Media Witch-hunts

Who recommended MASS EFFECT to you? Where did you hear about it? NAME THEM! NAME THEM NOW!
I do not now play, nor have I ever played, ‘violent’ games.

Produced 2012.12.16

When a lunatic kills some innocent people, the world’s media weigh in, wrongly blaming Mass Effect for the heinous crime on the basis of a FaceBook ‘like’. The panelists instead suggest that the world’s media and their uncritical audiences are even worse.


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  6. It amazes me the extent to which simple people look for an incredibly easy answer to the why fucked up things happen (and it is always about assigning blame as opposed to doing anything constructive). Even if it had been the killer who liked Mass Effect, what does that prove aside from the fact that he liked a not amazing western rpg (Even with something that is outwardly violent like GTA, it is a weak argument, but something like Mass Effect seems like a stretch, even for these pinheads)? I like that you take these clowns to task, and only wish that they were in a position where they had to absorb their rightly due criticism.

  7. @Kobold: You should have seen some of the savage things that the mental midgets wrote!

    Seriously, Hell is a place, and it is full of people like that.

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