TSM Episode 76: Molyneux Goes for a Duck

Yet another lie. In fact, his van is full of unsold copies of Fable: Journey.
Come, my pretty! I have a van full of Call of Duty for you!

Produced 2012.12.02

Whilst Caspius exhausts himself by preparing for the lead in ‘Being Ignatius Reilly’, Peter Molyneux’s protege launches a Kickstarter that goes for a duck. Unfortunately for SiliconNooB, the Australian test side performs just as poorly as Molyneux II.


  1. @Matt Dance: Look for our new url, http://Caspius.co.uk/site/edu/com-org/cgi-bin/multi/games/cricket-and-more/01011001010110011101101/alt/avijpg~edu/launch/index soon.

    I forgot to mention this on the podcast, but this is the last month for donators to make it into the 2012 drawing. That is to say, IF YOU WANT YOUR NAME TO BE ENTERED INTO THE DRAWING FOR A FREE GAME ON 1 JANUARY, YOU NEED TO HAVE DONATED $5 (or more) TO THE SITE IN 2012. YOU HAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT US EASTERN STANDARD TIME ON 1 JANUARY.

    Generous donators (and those who just want to put $5 in for a chance at getting $60 out) can find a donate button in the sidebar to the right.

  2. I’m still thoroughly enjoying Zoltan’s reading room. That section of the podcast has quickly become the highlight of my weekly audio downloads.

  3. You definitely need to put the whole thing together and make it downloadable when you’re done.

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