TSM Episode 74: Worst Box Art Ever

Each Pac-Cookie contains 2750% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Cocaine. Not a significant source of fiber or petroleum.
Pac-Man likes shorts. They’re comfy and easy to wear.

Produced 2012.11.18

Caspius and friends dial M for humour, and come up trumps with a selection of the worst box art ever. Everyone knows that the best way to deal with art on a podcast is to describe it in detail to the listeners, so the panelists set about doing just that!


  1. Strike one of those beens, it’s late and I don’t function so well at these hours as Caspius seems to. But I still must say, your recitations are very good. Hardly a verbal slip up in all that reading.

  2. And I think Lusi remarked during this episode about Capcom losing its source code to one of its games. I’ve read, in regards to the shitty HD port of Silent Hill, that this isn’t uncommon even for relatively recent games from various studios. Either the company involved in that port or another mentioned that because of this prevalence that they usually reverse engineer the code, so to speak, by ripping the data from a retail disc instead of relying on a company’s archives that are usually incomplete or just outdated. This industry isn’t very organized when it comes to preserving its past works, despite digital re-releases.

  3. I never really understood the Phalanx Box Art. It’s not bad, per se, but what the fuck does it have to do with scrolling shooters, exactly?

    Ninja Golf has a stupid cover, but again, it’s not *bad*–I mean, the art is all right, even if one is perplexed by the notion of Ninja Golf.

    The Chex Quest artwork, on the other hand, is fucking terrible.

    Is this the best you guys can do? Come on!

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