TSM Episode 71: Zoltan’s Reading Room

Actually, Ignatius Reilly is the intellect of Caspius with the physicality and comportment of Bup.
Nate ‘Ignatius Jacques Reilly’ Liles

Produced 2012.10.28

When The Legendary Zoltan lets it be known that he does not appreciate the triviality of Caspius’s reading material, the panel devises a better way to bring culture to the masses: a fourteen-week tour de force of the 20th century’s seminal comedic novel.



    I think Caspius is one of those American white guys who has to always be right. It’s so like him to declare war on an innocent and peaceful village. My emotional crops have all died.

  2. Hello, could I request that if you continue reading from this novel (or any other) in the future (and I sincerely hope you do, ignoring the pleas from your co-hosts or anyone else), could you perhaps not insert background music (Shostakovich Jazz Suites, or anything else), as I find it quite difficult to appreciate your oration with the music in the foreground.

  3. @Zoltan: Caspius can hardly help being correct once again, though you are justified in pointing out that White Males are usually right.

    @Chromatos: I can tell you for a fact that the backing music in 15 DB quieter than the voice track, though perhaps Caspius might consider lowering the accompanying music by a further increment.

  4. @Chromatos: I’m not sure if it is a good idea to remove the music *entirely*, just because the sequence is so long (almost 38 minutes in this case). However, I can drop the dB rate still further to around -20dB (which would be on the verge of relative silence), and also switch from something rather extroverted (like the Shostakovich, glad you noticed!) to something much more ambient (perhaps a piano piece by Satie or Einaudi).

    If that doesn’t work for you, we can switch to an absolutely vanilla delivery. Hopefully, though, it will give us a nice way of killing any minimal line noise and distortion whilst also not impeding the audibility of my delivery.

    As a note that we are attentive to this, last week’s recording was done with the background at -9dB. I found it too loud, so we went down to -15dB this week. We’ll keep lowering it until it works, even if that does mean removing it entirely.

    (Also! Welcome to a new commenter!)

  5. @TLZoltan: We think that you’ll agree (sooner, rather than later, if you know what is good for you) that the readings are a significant addition to the podcast and that they represent an enormous amount of cultural value, delivered to you *for free* by our crack team of cultural heritage experts.

    Also, I don’t play Farmville. Sorry. No idea what you’re on about. I hate turnips.

  6. I know it adds cultural value. I do not question its value. I question why you want to put those readings in your video game journalism podcast that is hosted on your video game journalism website. As a listener, I need to know what kind of podcast you are producing. Is it a gaming podcast, a cricket podcast, a fart noise application review podcast, or an English literature podcast?

  7. @TheLegendaryZoltan: You write:

    “Is it a gaming podcast, a cricket podcast, a fart noise application review podcast, or an English literature podcast?”


  8. @TheLegendaryZoltan: Of course, it is not *limited* to the selection above, either. We’re also your source for LADY GAGA NEWS, apparently.

  9. Changing the topic. The FFVI playthrough is coming in December, right? I’m TOTALLY playing it! I am a musician and was wondering if you were interested in having some kind of FF6 remix to kick off the event with. I would be a brand new song special for this event. What do you say?

  10. You may submit whatever you like, but its use is not guaranteed. Still, I’d be interested in hearing it.

  11. @TLZ: What Ethan said. I’m sure we’d all like to hear it, and there’s nothing to prevent you posting it in the comment thread. Whether or not we actually devote a part of the playthrough post itself to discussing such a remix is another matter (largely because the playthrough write-up is (deliberately) formulaic).

  12. @TLZ I agree with Lusithos, I’d be really interested to hear that. FFVI has a brilliant soundtrack.

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