TSM Episode 70: Birthday Insolence

For Caspius's first birthday, he got a Norman Conquest. It's hard to top that.
Caspius’s First Birthday

Produced 2012.10.21

Blitzmage is boorish and uncouth during Caspius’s 946th celebratory birthday story. SiliconNooB chastises the rascal, whilst Deimosion holds himself aloof from the crassness of his insolent outburst, and the other sixty-eight minutes are rambly nonsense.


  1. Pierson “Boormage” Stone, also my girlfriend did reactivate her WoW account and is now a level 14 Pandaren Hunter.

  2. Well done! Edward Lear writes all words worth reading and hearing, as opposed to Roland Barthes’ self-satisfying nonsense and gibberish.

  3. @JustDance: The more I go on, the more I think that it would be far better to write texts than to study them. Maybe I will write something and read it on the podcast, and see what the results are.

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    I can only assume there’s some kind of hideous sacrifice required every year on that date that allows you to remain within this realm. If so, I hope it went well.

    To next year’s offering! May it be as successful as the last!

  5. You said that you get several hundred hits per day which is very impressive. I don’t know why any of those people listen to The Starlight Megaphone but I’d like to say that really long readings of English literature is not why I like this podcast. In my case, the reason I listen is to hear Caspius and company talk about how Nintendo is crazy, how Bobby NoDick is going to steal our wallets, and how much every game that Caspius has never played must suck. Your voice is quite lovely, Caspius but COME ON! That was the ultimate off-topic detour ever.

  6. @TLZ: I think you’ll find that the podcast is more enjoyable if you leave your expectations at the door.

    I offer no apologies, and feel no remorse whatsoever, for your experience. This is what we do, take it or leave it. :)

  7. Hey, reciting literature accompanied by symphonic music is a marked improvement over 20 minutes of fart sounds. Some will disagree on this point too, and they’re entitled to their preference.

  8. I don’t always listen to symphonies, but when I do I prefer that the instrumentation be farted!

  9. I forgot to ask you Caspius if you recieved your free legendary from the game as well as if you downloaded the Pokemon radar for the 3ds which will allow free transfer after capture to lvl 5 pokemon, rare Items and alt forms for the 3 legendaries in bird form even from the start. also what is the friend code I’d use to battle or trade to you in slave/ masser 2?

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