TSM Episode 67: The Correlation Between Hardcore Game Experiences and the Formation of Somatic Reflex Arcs

Tim Bresnan is one of the steadfast cornerstones of English Cricket.
A Dual Example of Excellent Reflex Coordination

Produced 2012.09.30

This week, Deimosion and Blitzmage report the news by themselves with disastrous consequences for all concerned. Caspius halts the constant inclination toward off-topic discussion, but soon every sentence ends with ‘banana’. Also, hats are advocated.


  1. Leave a comment about your own hardcore game experiences and what somatic reflex arcs formed as a result!

  2. I DID…yesterday. And having listened, some of the podcast audio got garbbly and I sort of had to stop listening.

  3. @Mel: did you try skipping forward to see if it improved? Also, where was it garbled? I have heard other similar reports, but my copy seems fine.

  4. First place I seem to notice it is at 0:23:05. I did simply keep listening past it, since it wasn’t too bad. Eventually it cleared up, but then it would get garbled again. It reminded of a stadium announcer, sort of like there was a lot of reverb. Eventually it became too much to put up with, I’m afraid.

    Scanning the episode again quickly, I notice the problem again around 0:35:00 as well as just past 1:00:00. It will get bad then clear up, then get bad again throughout the episode.

  5. Very strange. I’ve looked up the section you mention, and I hear it too.

    I think this is down to some issues we’ve had recording lately. My computer is getting quite old now and it really isn’t trucking along as well as it used to. I’ve been having a lot of crashes and Skype has been making it run slower and slower with each revision.

    With any luck, I’ll be able to afford a new computer for Christmas. In the meantime, I’ll ensure that future recording is done when nothing else is happening on the computer. I’ll also uninstall any other programs–though I really have nothing running in the background as a rule. I’m somewhat picky about programs, and I really don’t like when things launch at start, so I’m constantly checking my startup stuff to ensure nothing is going on.

    I think this is just one of the downsides of still using a computer from 2008, sadly.

  6. Yeah, sounds like it’s time for an upgrade. But, if it’s possible, simply reinstalling windows can be helpful when things seem to get too bogged down and slow. It’s less of a hassle than dealing with crashes and slow performance, anyway. Might be worth a shot.

    Maybe you just need to upgrade the RAM, if you haven’t done so recently already. When I bumped up to 8 gigs, it made a noticeable difference. It shouldn’t be too expensive, quite an easy upgrade to perform even for a PC noob like myself.

    Punchbegin the funding for your new computer parts! lol

  7. I’m okay for RAM and recently installed Windows. I think it may just be a situation where the system is just wearing out after nearly five years of constant use. It was never particularly powerful, but now its age is really showing.

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