TSM Episode 65: Do It Live

And I saw, and behold, a pale horse, and its rider's name was Bárbiiélólzdk, and Zxxrógüèxxz followed him; and they were given power of a fourth of Azeroth, to kill with plague and with pestilence and with outbreak and by spamming pornbots, dancing in taverns.

Produced 2012.09.16

In an effort to dramatically improve podcasting technology, Deimosion and Blitzmage urge Caspius to do it live. The results prove anticlimatic: Imitanis falls asleep and SiliconNooB almost becomes sober. Luckily, the death of pornbots puts it all right.


  1. I’m worried that I’m walking the line with this comment, but I have to admit I got a real kick out of the tags.

  2. Caspius, just curious if you have the Portrait of ruin collector’s set which has the artbook, timeline, CD stylus and a miniposter in a black box? also, I see you changed your mind about FF the hat saga. later.

  3. @Drachonus: Yes, I have the collector’s set.

    And my having ‘changed my mind’ probably has more to do with what you think I meant when I said that Heroes of Light was a mediocre RPG. (I still think it is a mediocre RPG.)

  4. ah. by the way, on Friday’s nerdist podcast, Michael Dorn revealed he was just acting in the upcoming Castlevania movie currently being filmed.

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