TSM Episode 59: Waluigi’s Existential Crisis

Someone drew this picture. A real person drew this.

Produced 2012.08.05

Confronted by a dinner bill for ninety-three thousand Pokedollars, Caspius is unhinged. But the teachings of renowned existentialist Waluigi bring no succour, for the purple-clad villain has his own philosophical pitfalls prepared for the unwary. Waaaaa!


  1. So, having played all of FFVI versions, the best is still the SNES version? I was going to try the GBA to check out the new content but everyone keeps telling me how awful the music is. Is it bad even if you emulate it (I do have the cartridge but I gave my DS Lite away and the DSi, you know…) or just because of the speakers of the GBA/DS?

  2. Epy: it is awful even if you emulate it, and EVEN if you patch the sound in your emulator to make it sound closer to the original, as I did. The limitations of the GBA are not in its speakers, but in its sound chip, which is monumentally and legendarily awful.

    The SNES/Wii version is the best, although Sabin is wrong (surprise, surprise) in declaring the PS1 version to have unacceptable load times. Even with the [momentary] load times, battle still ticks along at a much faster pace than ANY of the PS-era FF games, VII inclusive. He just whines about it because someone told him it was bad once, and he has never been able to accept that it might not be as bad as all that (after you play it for ten minutes, you won’t notice anymore).

    The GBA version has butchered music, odd censorship, and a WORSE translation, ‘accuracy and flow’ be damned. It may well be more serious, but that throws away part of the charm that made the game such a triumph in the first place. I mean, who really wants Chrono Trigger without the lighthearted JOY that makes it fun to play, all in the name of chimaeric accuracy. That is what was done with the GBA translation of VI.

  3. The vanilla FFVI:Advance experience really is quite dire in what it does to the game. The music is heavily compromised, and the graphics have been absolutely butchered in order to make the game bright enough to play on the original GBA.

    That said, there exists a restoration patch which substantially fixes the graphics and sound of the game. While I haven’t conducted a forensic comparison of the differences between the restored version and the SNES version, I have nevertheless found the restored version to be very satisfactory for playing on my Xperia Play.

    The new translation is quite good, but it removes some timeless gems from the original script, which is sad. So on this count it becomes an exercise in weighing the pros against the cons, and preferences will vary on an individual basis.

    Also, as has been mentioned, there is some very odd censorship in the game.

  4. I have found the PS1 loadtimes to be irksome, so I would opt for the restored GBA rom over that version, but beyond that I really don’t know which version to recommend. I guess it depends on just how much you want to have a new translation. If the translation doesn’t really bother you that much, then just go with the SNES version I guess, because you know you are getting the definitive experience with that one.

  5. Thank you for all your input. So I looked ito the sound and color restoration patch and while it greatly improved upon the original GBA version, it still looks and sounds like crap compared to the SNES version so after a few hours looking into SNES romhacking (people have done some crazy stuff) I now have a SNES version with most if not all major bugs fixed, modern FF terminology for spells and such as well as some improvements (B to dash, original FFVI logo, Cafes are Pubs). There are some versions that claim to improve the script with the best of both translations but you can’t trust random people on the internet with the script of FFVI. SO yeah, guess I’m set, hope it doesn’t crash on me.

  6. You have to be somewhat careful when selecting fan retranslations, because often they can have literal accuracy as their top priority rather than player entertainment.

  7. I’ll probably be playing the PS1 version of FFVI, but the load times are a little annoying. They’re not game-breaking, but it’s either that or dig my SNES out of the boxes and hook that up, and I’m pretty lazy.

    While I get some random weird crap on the Linux Skype client, at least I don’t have ads.

    Man, I forgot about Makai Wars until now.

    Waaaaah. Waluigi number one!

  8. So, guys if you have a secret list of employees you like each month, that must mean you have a list of readers you like each month.

    Now, lets be honest. How much am I dominating that list. Right? Am I right? Yeah?

    Yeah. I’m right.

  9. @Mel: You get more personal responses than any other readers, don’t you? :)

  10. Deimosion said, “Wah!” so much this week that eventually someone came and told him to stop.

  11. That is actually a true story. I was making Waluigi noises the other day and my father came upstairs and told me to stop.

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