News: E3 2012 – Wednesday

Oh shut up, its not like gay Pokemon hentai didn't already exist.
Your team became FABULOUS!

With E3 news slowed to a relative trickle on the third day of the show, it is still Nintendo making the news, albeit none of it hugely exciting. Nintendo’s 3DS specific E3 conference did not showcase anything in the way of new software announcements for content starved 3DS owners, but they did use the opportunity to announce that Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 would be enjoying extra functionality on the 3DS by virtue of downloadable Pokemon applications. Pokemon Dream Radar will allow players to catch rare Pokemon and transfer them to Black 2 and White 2, while Pokedex 3D Pro will allow players to keep track of all 648 of their Pokemon. Nintendo also used the occasion to brag about the success of their terrible eShop, stating that it features five games/apps (they are unclear on this point) that have been downloaded over one million times – presumably this claim consists entirely of the apology software that Nintendo gave free of charge to the 3DS early adopters. Nintendo also claims that the average 3DS user purchases 4.7 games per unit, which is probably also a figure reflective of free software giveaways.

Scumbag Death gets killed. Continues killing anyway.
All everyone really wants in a Castlevania game.

Reggie Fils-Aime also made the belated and incidental admission that Nintendo’s polished tactical RPG, Fire Emblem: Awakening, will be coming to America. Of anything shown at either of Nintendo’s two conferences it is blatantly obvious that this is the one announcement that would cause a modest yet significant portion of gamers to ‘lose their shit’ and make an impulse purchase of Nintendo’s handheld – too bad then that Fire Emblem: Awakening would not even have been granted a look-in had journalists not been able to coax this announcement from Fils-Aime’s big, stupid mouth. Nintendo shares fell by a further 0.99% today (they have fallen by 15% since the start of the year).

Finally, the existence of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate has been known for about a week now. Yesterday’s trailer showed it to be one of the more attractive games available to Nintendo’s handheld system, effortlessly evoking an echo of the beauty contained within some of Konami’s more conventional 2D Castlevania offerings – yet today it was confirmed that Oscar Araujo would be assuming composition duties for the project. This seemingly precludes the possibility that the game might feature a more conventional gothic rock soundtrack, as has been traditionally associated with 2D Castlevania games. This is no slight against the orchestral stylings of Araujo, which appear to stand head and shoulders above the majority of this generation’s very poor selection of soundtracks, yet one might have hoped that oldschool Castlevania gameplay would have resulted in a pumping Castlevania soundtrack.

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  1. I hope Arujo manages to put together a soundtrack for the sidescrolling 3DS game which effectively captures the spirit of the old (okay, the DS games are not that old) 2D games. If Konami want to ape Hollywood soundtracks for their cinematic blockbuster in pursuit of some chimaeric ‘mature’ gamer who only appreciates grimdark games with boring atmospheric soundtracks, fine. But to try and slap that kind of composition on a 2D game would be disastrous, and one hopes that Arujo has the sense to realise this.

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