TSM Episode 50: Bup Strikes Back

Simply by sitting in this chair, one can experience a reasonable approximation of what it is like to be a fan of games made by Electronic Arts.
The 'Electronic Arts Chair' Peripheral

Produced 2012.06.03

Bup shows up, ruins everything, and makes Caspius angry. Co-panelists SiliconNooB and Deimosion laugh and cry by turns. Meanwhile, unscrupulous companies do unscrupulous things, successful games sell many copies, and failing MMOs lose players.


  1. If EA is innovative at all, it’s in their ability to milk their clientele for all they’re worth. Even Bobby Kotick should take notes on this one.

    I wonder what exactly Squeenix is going to re-release for the 25th anniversary. I bet it’s going to be a Mystic Quest HD remake. (Yes, I know that wasn’t real FF).

  2. So, one week until the wedding? How exciting!

    I’ll admit that I played Battlefield 3, but it was a deeply flawed FPS and I haven’t touched it in months. EA can do with it as they please for all I care.

  3. @DCS: Mystic Quest is real FF! –Just for babies!

    @Mel: I am glad to hear you are a recovering Battlefield player. Remember: stay clean!

  4. Mystic Quest is a SaGa game and not even a very good one at that! Pat, of The Rise and Fall of Final Fantasy fame, wrote up a lengthy thingy on it and afterwards revised it having found that the enemy sprites in both games (FF:MQ & FF Legend 3) are nearly identical. And if the sprites aren’t sufficient proof, the way you get a sword, then an axe, then some other weapon (I think?), then a better sword, then a better axe, etc, is strongly reminiscent of FF:L2’s (and other’s like Saga Frontier 2) weapon durability crap, I think.

  5. The battles also look pretty identical with the backs of the party’s sprites at the bottom and the larger, more detailed enemy sprites up top.

  6. Mystic Quest is not a SaGa game, nor is it part of that series.

    Whatever resemblance it may bear to them, it was developed as, and released in Japan as, a Final Fantasy title, albeit a spin-off (Final Fantasy USA). At no point in its creation was it developed as a SaGa game (though SaGa elements were used; just as other games in the FF series have borrowed from other Square properties), nor was it released in the SaGa series.

    The fact that a game X looks like–and even plays like–another game Y does not mean that X is part of series Y.

    (Also, melee weapons in MQ do not have durability.)

  7. @Lusi: I’ve always enjoyed that the derpy FF:MQ was branded as FF USA in Japan. Hooray stupid white demons!

    I realize that MQ falls under the umbrella of Final Fantasy, but it’s the weird uncle who smells funny. You don’t really want to admit he’s part of the family. When are we doing a playthrough of MQ anyway?

  8. @DCS: If we do one, we will call it “The Official DanChiSao Mystic Quest ReQuest Playthrough”.

  9. It’s 2 cents more than you had before. I’m not sure this sarcasm is really necessary…

  10. This may come as a shock, but 2¢ only buys you so much in the way of appreciation! That’s the kind of place this is.

    In any case, forgive me if I don’t seem bothered by the fact that you have donated the kingly sum of two cents, only to complain that we don’t ascribe sufficient merit to your largess (which, you’ll forgive me for saying, looks suspiciously more like a snub than an expression of true generosity).

    Finally, don’t shout at the milkman for delivering milk instead of champagne. This is Caspius.com, not DisneyWorldLand. Sarcasm is our modus operandi!

    If my words seem harsh, you may put them down to a lack of tea. It runs rather more than 2¢ an ounce, and I’m fresh out, which puts me out of sorts.

    (And because I’m trying to avoid killing the goose that laid the copper egg, let me qualify all of the foregoing by saying that, if you are new here and have not figured it out yet, it is my job to be as horrible to you as possible, short of exposing myself to your mother.*)

    *No guarantees.

  11. That all sounds fine, including the bit about my mother. She can be a real pain from time to time and I think that kind of mental scarring would go a long way toward calming her down. Also, hear not, I shall donate at least double digits (of cents) next time!

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