News: This Dragon Is Toothless

Who would have thought catering to casuals could ever go wrong? Huh.
Not pictured: profit.

Electronic Bioarts’ Dragon Age Has Seen Better Days

So great was the disappointment caused by the mediocre Dragon Age 2, that Electronic Bioarts has gone so far as to recently solicit fan reckons on what direction the next Dragon Age game should take (since Electronic Bioarts themselves clearly have no idea). When it finally comes time to sift through said fan feedback, one sentiment unlikely to bother the hapless intern responsible for this druge-work, is the strong desire that it be delivered in the form of a Facebook browser game – or at least that is the sense that one gets in light of EA’s recent decision to pull the Facebook game Dragon Age Legends.

Dragon Age Legends‘ fires will go dark on the 18th of June owing to the fact that it is not making EA enough money. Electronic Bioarts explains: “This is by no means a reflection on the quality of the game; the awesome team who created it; or the incredible, passionate community who has supported it. The unfortunate reality is that DAL doesn’t make enough revenue to sustain itself.”

As of writing the game’s economy has been turned off. Players will not be able to transfer their funds to other Electronic Bioarts social games, resulting in something of a firesale in the game’s store, as players attempt to spend their money and get some use out of its fruits ahead of the June 18 deadline.

That said, all players who have logged into Dragon Age Legends within the last three months will be eligible to receive a free promo pack for Electronic Bioarts’ new facebook game, Age of Champions. The pack will include a Dragon Age ‘inspired’ champion weapon (to rub salt into the wound), a Viscount Ravi army unit, in-game currency, and a medal for player’s profile pages. Hooray!

Electronic Bioarts finish with a pitch to social gaming drones: “While it’s never fun to say goodbye, consider it only temporary, we’re also hard at work on our next social projects, and we promise you they will be even more epic than anything we’ve done before. We hope you’ll join us again when they launch.” It looks as if the casual gamers of the world are in good hands.

I have shocked even myself with the irrelevant images I find.
Sales figures still pending.

Max Payne 3 Sales Beat Out Diablo III in Europe

Given all the pageantry surrounding the long awaited release of Diablo III, one was initially a little surprised to find that the game’s European sales lagged eight thousand units behind those of Max Payne 3, this week’s no. 1 game in Europe. Sure, Max Payne 3 benefited significantly from launching on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with 42% of sales occurring on the former and 58% the latter, but perhaps no series is more hard-coded into PC DNA than the Diablo franchise.

Well, as it turns out something a little more interesting was afoot. The European software charts, much like those found in America and elsewhere, only take into account physical copies sold – putting the heavily downloaded Diablo III at a significant perceptual disadvantage in this regard. While this may initially seem to be of little note, the issue of this kind of discrepancy is set to become much more important going forward, as the industry makes the transition toward a digital distribution future. The fact is that the fortunes of lesser known titles can be won and lost on the perceptions of whether they are met with a warm consumer response, which is more or less invisible on digital platforms at the moment. At some point figures from digital download infrastructure will have to be rolled into the weekly figures if they are to retain any semblance of meaning.

Would you even be able to tell a difference?
Genderswap Dante is the least they could do to repent.

The Refugees of 2012 Begin Flooding into 2013

One is never quite certain who publishers think they are kidding when they slot their mid-tier titles into a CoDvember berth, only to abandon this position and run for the hills as the year begins to lengthen. Contemplating such mysteries is apt to leave one quite flummoxed and more than a little bamboozled – at any rate, this week’s first victim of CoDvember is Gearbox’s hotly anticipated sci-fi shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines. This particular game has had so many different release dates over the years that one wonders at the wisdom of giving it a release date in the first place. Publisher, Sega, says that this time it will definitely launch on February 12, 2013 – and you can take that to the bank for sure.

The week’s second refugee is Ninja Theory’s utterly wretched looking Devil May Cry reboot, which one is loathe to see released at all. Capcom announced today that DmC is now to see release on the 15th of January, before offering an apology in the form of a video featuring a naked and grubby Dante inhabiting a trailer. Yes, it is precisely as dreadful as it sounds. It seems as though Capcom have given up on making successful games, preferring instead to mercilessly troll their remaining fans.


  1. @Jenifer: I seriously thought that was just male Dante not wearing any trousers… It wasn’t until I saw the heels that realised there were boobs in the pic.

  2. If the boobs failed to be the first thing noticed, then I have failed in my duties. brb off to commit ritual seppuku!

  3. @Biggs: Certainly not. We require a new effort in a week’s time. No seppuku for you.

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