TSM Episode 42: Bad Tingle Cosplay

Are those rupees in your briefs, or are you just happy to see me?

Produced 2012.04.08

Special guest Enrique ‘Durga Syn’ Herrera joins Caspius in a podcast covering EA’s latest pratfalls, the terrible nature of PAX Cosplay, and up-to-the-moment Cricket scores live from the second test in Sri Lanka.


  1. I just played through all the 3D Zeldas (except Ocarina which I put down after becoming grown up Link) and seeing Tingle for the first time in Windwaker I immediately was disconcerted that I had nowhere near enough fire to kill Tingle with. He’s like the personification of peeing on my shoes. Also, I shall now go listen to the podcast.

  2. evilpaul demands a video podcast! Also, tribute! I don’t know what that means, so do tribute, or not, as such accordingly! Or don’t! Video!

  3. Silly Caspius, last week’s podcast description in this week’s podcast page is for kids.

  4. @DanChiSao: NO!

    @EvilPaul: We’ll consider a video podcast. Perhaps in June. No promises.

    @Mel: That makes far more sense!

  5. Man detained at mall for making several toilets explode by flushing beer cans. When man was asked where he could have gotten such an idea from, he was reported to answer: “Why, from the The Starlight Megaphone podcast at Caspius.com!”

    How’s that for advertisement?

  6. @Epy: We cannot encourage you to violate any local laws or ordinances, you understand!

  7. The first Zelda game I played featuring Tingle was Windwaker on that town they make you go to to make it stop being rainy and going south. And I found him in jail. Because that’s how jail works, apparently. And I wanted to murder him immediately. I can’t fathom how somebody could create that and not be deliberately screwing with me. I know that I already commented about how much I hate Tingle, but I feel it’s necessary to reiterate it. Tingle is the Hitler of videogame characters, except Hitler liked animals or something, so he’s proportionately less awful. Tingle just wanted 400 Rupees from me for maps and I needed 3,200 of them and could only hold less than that, so he can go to West Fairy Island and die.

  8. Oh Tingle. I remember when they introduced him for the first time in Majora’s Mask. They basically made fun of him, and at one point you run sidequests for his disappointed father (an item shop guy) who just wants him to grow up and stop pretending to be a fairy child or whatever he says he is. They made him a loser in the first game they put him in, lol.

  9. Tingle man is almost as scary as Tingle would be in real life! Also, doing a podcast as the only guest was a harrowing experience. Hopefully more people show up next time!

  10. Tingle was fairly amusing and quirky in Majora’s Mask. Then in Wind Waker they made him an awful little shit who WAAAAAY overcharged to decode those charts as a necessary part of beating the game. Ugh.

  11. Yes indeed. He went from weird quirky character, to a quick patch for a rushed ending to Wind Waker.

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