TSM Episode 41: The Red Menace

If you witness someone discussing communism in a positive way, or trying to advocate a communist system of government, contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation IMMEDIATELY.
We are not joking about this. Seriously.

Produced 2012.04.01

Comic artist Kenjujuu arrives just in time to catch The Red Menace for a podcast on topics including colourful cupcakes and cancellations. The future of Game, Mortal Kombat, and Mistborn are also discussed.


  1. I’m curious. If someone were prompted, on the streets, to contact the FBI “IMMEDIATELY” I don’t think they would know how. I guess the commies will live to commu…nate, another day!

  2. @Mel: Simply open your yellow pages and turn to the ‘Government’ section! The FBI is right there. I know, because I have actually had to call them once before.

  3. *Driving along on the street. Sees a commie trying to subvert wholesome American values* “Quick, honey! Take out the phone book I keep in the glove compartment!”

  4. @Mel: A MOST vital piece of equipment for the discerning gentleman or lady!

  5. Hey, Kenjujujujuju was on the podcast. Nice change of pace.

    Lusi, did you say Gamestop bought up Newegg? I can’t find anything on that.

  6. @Mel: I was being flippant. I also said that they bought Babbage’s, but I don’t think that was picked up, as I was turned away from the microphone.

  7. Lusi, since we’re the only ones in here, I was wondering if you remember something. A while back on a podcast I think it was you who mentioned the idea of combining an MMO strategy type game with a separate action game. So the MMO player commands a bunch of people in a real time battle, and those people are actual players on the ground being marshaled by that overseer.

    Well, if this was you, then have you heard of Dust 514? It does exactly this using Eve Online. Looks promising to me.

  8. @Mel: We were actually going to talk about Dust 514. There was a Penny Arcade Extras spot on it last week, and we will discuss it next week if anyone remembers. :D

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