TSM Episode 40: Taciturn, but Tough

No, seriously kids, don't tease him. He's a pedophile and he *will* rape you. Relm had a very narrow escape in Final Fantasy VI.
Don't tease the octopus, kids.

Produced 2012.03.25

When a notorious purple octopus and his taciturn friend get an announced XIII-2 DLC release, the podcast panel finds themselves berserked; the announcement of a Theatrhythm release date only adds to the excitement. Caspius is forced to purchase remedies.


  1. Uwee hee hee… Long time no see! You’ve changed! Did ya miss me?

    I’m not playing Derp of Cerberus, sorry guys. :)

    Hooray Theatrhythm! Hopefully it plays better than Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove, but it looks like a similar interaction system.

    I think Square Enix has Final Fantasy Dementia at this point. That would explain some of their recent releases. FFXIII-2 is good, definitely better than XIII, and I liked XIII. But SE’s games just aren’t amazing anymore, and it’s probably because they’re spread so thin.

    Cross Edge is the best game ever made. And what are you talking about having to buy all the characters in it? I know there was DLC for items, dungeons and ability boosters, but not characters…

  2. Another challenge: Draw “A.M or P.M.”, that is, the singular idea of something being either in the A.M or P.M.

  3. @EP: No. YOU are wrong.

    @DCS: Dirge of Cerberus is AMAZING. You will be AMAZED. Also, tell us about Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove. I have never even heard of it.
    Totally agree about the Final Fantasy Dementia, by the way. (Perhaps that will be their next game.)

    Recollecting, I believe you are right about Cross Edge. Having owned it, I was delighted that I could download all the characters for FREE (which I did). A pity that the storyline was terrible.

    @Mel: That picture would just be of Nate Liles talking to me, and me looking miserable.

  4. Dirge of Cerberus actually supports mouse and keyboard, I think? I have a copy, but I only played about five minutes of it.

  5. The new old comment system made it impossible to comment for a couple weeks; didn’t see anything about Discuss.

    Those pointy chinese people hats are called “coolie” hats, I believe, referring to East Asian farm workers. You can get a cheap one at Party City during Halloween season. You can have hats in FFXIII-2?

    Having to choose between donating and doing Nate is a serious threat and should inspire everyone to donate!

  6. @Lusi Sorry about the delayed reply. Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove is a rhythm game that I first played hoping for something like Elite Beat Agents (which is AMAZING), but instead of having to tap and slide all around the screen, you just have one giant button to tap, which gets pretty boring.

    And yeah, the storyline of Cross Edge was wretched, as were the graphics on the map, but for some reason I really loved the battle system. I wish more games used battle systems like that.

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