TSM Episode 32: Mexican Platinum

Ninja interdiction AUTHORISED. Orders: Search and destroy. ENGAGE.
Caspius is watching you, Louis 'Tiny Cheating Mexican' Vazquez. Caspius is watching you, and Caspius is *not* pleased.

Produced 2012.01.29

Still reeling from the week’s expose on notorious cheater and sneak Louis “I Downloaded My Platinums on the Internet” Vazquez, the panel manages to scrape together some news with the help of veteran podcaster and cat expert, Chris ‘Siamese’ Privitere.


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And now for some much-awaited news…


I always knew it would come together.


  1. That may be true, Stone, but I must say that the cut of that trailer looks awfully familiar.

  2. Since the issue was brought up in the podcast, I want to mention that I like the comics, partially because they’re inside jokes I don’t totally get. The odd “makes sense to everyone” issue couldn’t hurt, but if any random reader “doesn’t get it” that’s their fault, not Caspius.com’s.

  3. Oh the fun little battles chris always has about pronunciation when he’s here. Those differences make a fun variety, no one wants a world where everyone sounds the same! Plus, when I hear “beetah” I know to steer clear of prickly social situations such as the revolutionary war! (p.s., beta comes from the hebrew “bayit” meaning “house”, modern cognate of “beth” as in bethel meaning “house [of god]” often found in names of jewish temples. If anything, the American is more in keeping with the original pronunciation of the word and the British is a more naturalized version. Words are fun!)

    P.P.S, that was a fine reading, Lusi. It can be tough to appreciate the skill of reading something aloud (especially something like that) until one has to do it.

  4. @Mel – I have never heard any American pronouncing or spelling ‘beta’ as ‘bayit’, though it could probably take off in the south.

    I was under the impression ‘beta’ was derived from the Greek alphabet, and had no prior meaning to that designation.

    At any rate, we were talking about the correct pronunciation of ‘beta’ as opposed to that of ‘bayit’ (none of us speak Jew), in which case Chris’ sloppy pronunciation is clearly well off the mark. By your rationalisation saying ‘Baywatch’, ‘Bayblade’ or even ‘Bayonetta’ would be more in keeping with the original pronunciation of that word which is not ‘beta’ – so I hardly see how that could be a legitimising factor.

  5. Mel/SN: Beta is the second letter of the (Ancient) Greek alphabet, and is derived from Phoenician (admittedly a pre-semitic language), not Hebrew. (Hebrew is also derived from Phoenician itself, but is not intermediary to Greek.) Modern use of Beta in computing and programming comes from its position as the second letter in modern Greek, where it is pronounced VEE-TUH. Hence it is the International/British pronunciation which is more correct for the purposes intended; that is, that it is closer in pronunciation to the language it is ostensibly taken from.

  6. @SN: I was (pretty incorrectly) saying it came from that Hebrew word “bayit”, not that “bayit” is an alternate pronunciation for beta in the US. So, there was some confusion there, I’m afraid.

    @Lusi: Hm, I have gotten my dusty languages mixed around. Some of what I’ve written holds, though (the definition of “house” seems only to apply to semetic languages, however, as they seem to have given the letter special meaning apart from its origin. Odd, but I dunno. I’m not jewish). Also, upon looking it up previously I saw a greek pronunciation key with the letter spelled out [be-ta], firstly unknowing that b’s are essentially v’s in greek and that a circumflex diacritic (over the e) in greek denotes a LONG vowel as well as a drop in pitch.

    ……and that’s why you shouldn’t buy games off Origin, folks!

  7. That’s right, everyone, just copy my entire post into an email to EA and say you’re boycotting their games! That’ll show em!

  8. I mailed them a bag of my own poop last night! I would have mailed them more poop, but everyone looked at me odd when I requested theirs. Corporate mind-slaves, the lot of them!

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