TSM Episode 31: Dalekcast

In addition to an army of ninjas, Caspius also maintains a personal arsenal of Daleks.
Daleks at Work

Produced 2012.01.22

The Caspius.com Worst of the Year Awards are presented in a podcast covering the Fallout MMO Rights, EA’s decision that Mass Effect 3 must be on Origins, and the downfall of SOPA and PIPA, the podcast seeks to EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!


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  1. I’m glad to hear of the doctorate degree acceptance! Although the name of the school is “right out,” may I ask whether it’s for history or literature? Also, if Caspius cannot get into his top school, our academic society severely needs reappraisement. It matters not though, because it’s more about what you put into a graduate program than what school you happen to attend.

  2. While piracy and rights protection is an issue for many companies, there are also some problems inherently with the way copyrighting tends to work. And certainly there are problems with the way SOPA was drafted. Its title goal of “stopping” piracy seems hard to refute, but the collateral damage it would rend seems nothing less than an[other] attempt by big business interests to reign in the increasingly publisher-free creative outlet that is the internet. And if this bill is defeated, it wont be the last of its kind. The outright bribery of…I’m sorry, *lobbying* of congressmen by powerful (and in this case, hired) interest groups will make sure this wont be the last attempt.

    And I wish I could add my personal Worst Game of the Year to the list, but I’ve been fortunate enough last year to only have purchased games that I ended up really liking.

  3. @Matt: Literature!

    @Mel: Lobbying is vile and, in Caspius’s America, will be ILLEGAL.

  4. @ Lusi: Well, once you become a doctor of Literature, what might you plan to do, if I may ask? If I had to guess, I’d say you’d become a professor somewhere. I ask this as a fellow Literature degree holder (albeit only a bachelor’s).

  5. @Mel: Professorship, hopefully at a school of moderate size, where I can teach upper-division and graduate courses. I’d also like the ability to do some research and write some books.

  6. @Lusi: Perhaps I should invent a time machine so that you could research Medieval Literature up close and personally! Think of how helpful that would be!

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