TSM Episode 30: Cut Your Hair, Oliver!

'What's the difference?'

Produced 2012.01.15

In this 25% Canadian podcast, Ethos drops in to tease about the lack of PlayStation 4 teasing, Reetin spruces up his chesterly vicinity, Blitzmage announces another online petition, and Caspius votes Gabe Newell as most entertaining troll in gamingdom.


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  1. Oliver’s unkempt mop looks downright conservative next to Pierson ‘corruptedyouth’ Stone and his shambolic locks!

  2. Good, I’ve been looking for an excuse to cut Kotaku out. Their continuous news updates help against ennui, but tend to err on the side of meaninglessness. Caspius.com’s weekly “all the news that’s fit to print” format is better anyway.

    Per the haircut issue, I agree with musician and lyrical poet David Crosby’s statement of defiance in “Almost Cut My Hair” – let your freak flag fly!

    Although I also agree with musician and lyrical poet Wesley Willis’ urging in “Cut The Mullet” to “get your ass to the barbershop. Tell the barber that you’re sick of looking like an asshole. Cut the mullet!”

    Nice podcast once again.

  3. @EP: Worse! He’s in danger of being hickish!

    @Matt: Thanks for the positive feedback. I think my new go-to site is either Destructoid (for editorialisation, though I often disagree with them), or Joystiq (for straightforward industry reporting).

  4. I lik*ed* (past tense emphasized) Escapist, but they’ve trended toward some sad habits that have me on the fence about them right now. I don’t honestly have a problem with the bigger guys, like IGN, but I tend to find myself at smaller outlets like this one, and destructoid (if you can still call them small), and a few others I’m sure a lot of people wont even know about (4 color rebellion/Famicom dojo).

  5. IGN is the worst site on the Internet.

    I don’t really like the Escapist as a site, but I love a few of their videos.

  6. IGN has some good quick bits, and their podcasts can be funny (IGN UK in particular). The downside is pretty big, in that they’re so huge they basically have to appease the publishers and console manufacturers half the time by throwing soft ball criticisms and at times fomenting fanboyism. But I just treat them as another angle and source for reviews.

  7. I think their podcasts are funny. I also think the editorial staff is far removed from the marketing, they’ve always been good about that. HOWEVER, the staff has essentially become a collection of pretty dim fanboys. The ones with valid criticism and brains have all left (see: David Clayman, Hilary Goldstein, Erik Brudvig). And even those guys were usually too gushing in their reviews (see: Hilary’s 10 to GTAIV).
    When Greg Miller is your best journalist, there’s a problem.

  8. IGN has been dying for about five years – it’s dead now.

    If I inherited that mess I’d fire all staff and start again.

  9. I certainly take issue with Miller’s constant straddling of fanboyism for Sony. Every now and again he just lets out these statements that enforce notions of superiority of one side over another. And their treatment of PC gaming isn’t doing console gamer stereotypes any favors. Basically, it just feels like they play to what they think their audience wants to hear. Still, though, when considering a game purchase I’ll count their opinion among the others I might read through.

  10. You can’t spell ignorant without IGN!

    Also, to whomever it was that said I beat 2 games during Extra Life, it was actually 3: Kingdom Hearts II (start to finish!), Fable, and CTR (also start to finish).

    More Gabetrolling is never a bad thing.

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