1. If nothing else, the lost Journey to Castle Caspius footage has been worth it for that image.

  2. The thing with that whole “do you want me to beat the level for you” mechanic is that it’s generally optional. If you’re the type of person who’s about to break your TV from frustration, being able to skip the level is a nice option. Especially if you can level select and come back and try again later once you’re calmed down and better at the game.

    And hooray Lady Gaga news! Come back again soon, Bup!

  3. Man, Nate must charge a lot per hour for appearances on this podcast. It was so short!

    Also, Xenoblade! woot!

  4. Bup, Bup, the lovable Bup
    he works at gamestop and he drinks a lot
    if there ever was a gent who could cheer you up it’s
    Bup, Bup, Bup

    In other news: It was fun to have Bup back on the podcast. Lady Gaga news FTW.

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