News: Halo Fan Mends Broken Heart with Master Chief Armour

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This week in Xbox news Halo fanboy, Eric Smith, lived the dream when he traded the love of a woman for forty pounds of sweaty green fiberglass!

Smith had been set to marry this year until his partner fell in love with another man, and he was left with naught to show for his romantic aspirations but for a shiny diamond encrusted memento of his cuckoldry. The ring in question was an opulent white-gold creation set with a canary yellow diamond, which was subsequently disposed of on eBay – but what was a heartbroken Halo fanboy to do with the proceeds? There are some folks as would utilize a several thousand dollar windfall as a starting point to get their lives back on track, while others would blow the lot on alcohol and other vices – but Halo fans know that there is only one way to properly express their commitment to Microsoft, and as such Smith set about squandering the proceeds on a handcrafted full body suit of Master Chief armour!

According to Smith care must be taken to walk very slowly at game conventions to avoid falling over and breaking the costume. Moreover, the armour is hot and uncomfortable, requiring the assistance of another person to enter into – making for an apt substitute to Marriage. But it would seem that in this instance the Halo armour has served a higher purpose than mere utility, with Smith claiming that “with each part I got a small piece of myself back”.

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